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Muhammad Abdo obtains a Guinness certificate from the "hologram" portal

Muhammad Abdo obtains a Guinness certificate from the “hologram” portal

On the night of “embroidered with the light of the moon”, the Arab artist, Muhammad Abdo, appeared in full of his grandeur and the sweetness of his voice in front of his “professors”, who attended by thousands until the early morning hours of Friday, to enjoy his art in “Mohamed Abdo Arena” located in “Boulevard Riyadh City”, one of the Riyadh season 2021 regions.

The presence of Mohamed Abdo, unique in his art, was not normal. After a documentary video that tells of his artistic career that spanned 50 years, the party began with links of the most beautiful songs he performed, but this time using the “hologram” technique, in a scene that was the audience’s first surprise, as his image was embodied in front of them in more From a personality, with the technique of which 100 songs were recorded, after the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Entertainment Turki bin Abdulmohsen Al Al-Sheikh directed in 2019 to archive the works of the Arab artist, as the first artist in the world to have his productions archived, for which he obtained a certificate from the Guinness World Records And it was a second surprise for the audience who attended the party throughout the Arab world and in various countries of the world, where a certificate was awarded to him for “the first event in the world that brings together five characters using the “hologram” technology in one show”.

After that, Muhammad Abdo took the stage and performed his famous song, which the concert was called “Al-Maazim”, and the song did not end until the third surprise began on the awaited night.. The band, which was brilliantly led by the musician Walid Fayed, played the music of the song “I refuse the distance”, Which formed a symbolism, after which His Excellency the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Entertainment, Mr. Turki Al-Sheikh, who returned from his treatment trip, entered the party and constituted the biggest surprise element in the party for the Arab artist.

The head of the authority presented a souvenir on this occasion to the Arab artist, who exchanged him for a similar gift. Then they started together, accompanied by the CEO of the General Authority for Entertainment, Eng. Faisal Bafarat, and the CEO of Rotana Audio and Video Company, Salem Al-Hindi, a group of giant musicians who enriched the artist’s career from its inception until now, and they are the late composers Omar Kadres, Sami Ihsan and Muhammad Shafiq The percussionist Sabri Bteish, the composer Abd al-Rahman Bahamdin, the percussion officer Nasser Omar Jaber, the percussionist Sheikh Muhammad Basfar, Omar al-Barakati, the famous qanun player Madani Abadi, the Egyptian musician and arranger Wajdi Youssef, and the able musician Abdo Mazyad.

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On a night full of sophistication, good taste, sweet singer and poem, the lavish singer proceeded to perform his songs that he sang before his audience, and your voice is calling me, and where do I love tonight, just for a moment. After a short rest, Muhammad Abdo returned and completed his night sitting with the lute, and sang with the playing of the law by the instrumentalist Madani Abadi and the songs “Min Badi Al-Waqt”, “Ghali Al-Athman” and “Walaatni”, and with the mawwail.

Mohamed Abdu

Mohamed Abdu

After that, Abu Noura chose to change the rhythm of the songs, so he sang “I and Khali” and “My Heart Elly” and then sang “The Suffering” amid a great interaction from the audience, then “All Mansense”, followed by the wonderful speech engineer Prince Badr bin Abdul Mohsen, the song “Reddi Salami”, which he created In it the flute player Reda Badir, then he chose “Maad Badri”, “Ayeah” and concluded the party with the patriotic song “Shalha Ya Abu Salman” in the best conclusion to one of the most beautiful long winter nights.

It is noteworthy that the party witnessed in its corridors an exhibition accompanying the pictures of the Arab artist, telling the many stages of his artistic career, which spanned half a century.