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Muhammad Al Hosani: My dream came true in “45 spare days”

Sharjah: Zakia Kurdi
From the role of the father in “Bayt al-Qasid”, to the villain in “Al-Juzou’”, he himself is the president of a club in the series “Bukhatin”, and a lawyer in the series “Tawq Al-Harir”, an intense and rich dramatic experience, Emirati and Gulf, by the young Emirati artist, Mohammed Al-Hosani, in A short period of time, moving between one filming frame and another, and between one work environment and another, impersonating one character after another, driven by his passion for acting and his eagerness to seize the opportunity that arose after appearing in his first scene on television at the beginning of the holy month.

45 spare days made the beginning of an artist who possessed his tools as an actor, and a lot of experiences and experiences that were like seeds growing underground to push him once to go through this experience, which he describes as like a dream that came true, and he says: “I wanted to take advantage of my leave to do something I love, and I have been dreaming about it since Time, and the opportunity came when the artist, Ali Al-Shehhi, nominated me to appear in the series “Al-Juzou’”, he and the producer, Ali bin Muhammad Al-Shehhi, met me at the time and gave me the role. In the series “Bayt al-Qasid”, which is shown on Sama Dubai channel, other roles came to me, and this made me happy because the scene drew the attention of viewers and workers in the artistic field in particular, and thus came the opportunities to participate in other works.

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He added that appearing on the screen during the month of Ramadan was a great opportunity because people follow the drama in this month, and they look forward to Gulf and local works.

This was not Al-Hosani’s first start in front of the camera. The beginning dates back to 2017, when he entered the field of art through the Emirati artist and director Abdullah Al-Junaibi, who encouraged and supported him, and confirmed that he is an artist with artistic talent, and he must make good use of it. The film “Kimra”, which won first place at the Dubai Film Festival in 2017, and after that came short cinematic works and various events, and participation in the “Emirati Artistic Experience” to search for the best actor, and the artist Abdullah bin Haider and the artist Habib Ghuloom were responsible for it. It is an experience to discover Emirati talents and search for young faces, and he says about it: «This experience was like an intensive training period, and it is a new project launched by the Emirate of Sharjah to search for young talents, and I gained a lot of experience and joined many specialized workshops in this experience, Some of the soundtrack, directing, and filming, and I participated in workshops with the artist Mustafa Al-Halawani, and I benefited a lot from him in this field, in addition to a cinematography workshop with the director of photography, Hani Al-Saadawi, and workshops for the mechanisms and techniques of script writing.

And about the experience of participating with great artists and standing in front of them in front of the camera, Al-Hosani said: “This is a dream that came true for me. I told that to the artist Ali Jamal during the break before filming. , Habib Ghuloom, Jaber Nagmoush, Shaima Saif, and others, and today I am living this dream during a short period, and at that time he gave me a lot of advice given by a real artist keen to support young artists and generously offer them his experiences.

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Al Hosani confirmed that he benefited from this experience on several levels, most notably enhancing his self-confidence as an artist, and believing in the ability to achieve dreams.

The reactions that came after appearing on the screen were positive and beautiful on the surrounding social level, especially on social networking sites. From them to give me their opinion impartially away from courtesy, and I found encouragement and compliments showered on me from everyone, and this strengthened my self-confidence, and my feeling that I am on the right path, and also in the social environment, I found warmth and admiration from family and friends, and I felt the love of people in the most remote circles, and this is a beautiful thing And good.”