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الشاب المصري محمد الحسيني أثناء السباحة

Muhammad Al-Husseini.. A determined Egyptian teenager overcomes the impossible and crosses the English Channel in 12 hours (Exclusive)

Egyptian teenager Muhammad Al-Husseini made history from the gates of the English Channel on Saturday evening after successfully crossing it in 12 hours and two minutes.

This adventure is considered a great achievement for a determined Egyptian man named Al-Husayni, who tried for years to cross the English Channel (located between France and Britain), until his dream came true, with an Egyptian mission. He is due to return home on Wednesday.

Al-Husseini’s feat was due to his many years of hard work. His father, Al-Husseini Al-Kareem, says his son tried to cross the canal in 2017, but was hampered by reverse currents and cold water. Dream after 6 hours of swimming, he covered a distance of 17 kilometers.

Al-Kareem in “Al-Ain Al-Akbar” says that his son was determined to achieve his dream after this effort, so he continued his training in classes from early morning to 3 to 5 o’clock.

“Al-Karim” indicates that his son’s adventure this time fell into the Egyptian-led mission, in which two German swimmers took part in the determined people.

In addition to his son, swimmer Ahmad Osama and swimmer Sherwad Hafeez, the expedition was led by Captain Khaled Shalabi, known as “Qaher al-Mansh,” the father explains.

Al-Karim noted that the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports paid close attention to this adventure, as the ministry’s director of sports tourism, General Ahmed Abdel-Khalek, and the ministry’s information officer, Hossam Mustafa, were on the trip. And Dr. Ashraf Sofi, Minister of Youth and Sports, was keen to interact with the mission on a daily basis.

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Al-Husseini’s feat received wide acclaim, and according to the father’s account, the event “caused a stir” in the United Kingdom and Germany, prompting his son to take on new challenges, including long-distance swimming. In open water.

Who was Muhammad Al Husayni?

The determined Egyptian youth who did not succumb to Down syndrome and thus achieved many feats, entered many fields apart from his successes at the athletic level.

According to his father’s account to Al-Ain News, Al-Husseini works as a coordinator for assertive people at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and studied in the third year of the Faculty of Arts, Department of Sociology, Ain Shams. University.

In athletics, Al-Hussaini started swimming in 2006, especially at the Al-Johoor Club, where his status gradually increased until he qualified to participate in 12 events, during which he won 4 medals.

Earlier data prompted “al-Hussaini” to consider crossing the channel, until he registered his name in Noor’s letters in 2017, becoming the youngest person to attempt the crossing at the time. Enjoy this experience among people with Down syndrome.