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محمد التاجي

Muhammad Al-Taji to critics of “One Other”: He disagreed with you | news

The artist, Mohamed Al-Taji, sent a message to all critics of the movie “One Tani”, which is currently showing in cinemas, starring Ahmed Helmy.

Al-Taji said: “The film is subjected to systematic smear campaigns, but I cannot identify a source. The Faten Amal Harbi series, a very flawed series. I say that there is someone imitating Abdel Wareth hardship, because this is a derogation from him,” according to his statements in an interview on the “New Egypt” program presented by Engy Anwar, on the etc screen.

Another one.. Ahmed Helmy and the art of deceiving the audience

Al-Taji said: I learned from hardship only that every character has an internal and an external form, for whom I do not imitate, because imitating him is not possible in the first place, hardship was great and we are all trying to provide something respectable .. But it is difficult to reach those who laid the foundation of art in Egypt.

The movie “One More” starring Ahmed Helmy, Ruby, Nisreen Amin, Amr Abdel Jalil, Sayed Ragab, Ahmed Malik, Nour Ehab and a number of other artists, and the participation of a number of guests of honor, including Amr Wahba, written by Haitham Dabour, directed by Mohamed Shaker Khudair, and production Synergy Films, Magic Bean, Misr International Films and Oscar.

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