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Muhammad Al-Turk was expelled from the Donia Batma concert

Muhammad Al-Turk was expelled from the Donia Batma concert

Bahraini producer Mohammed Al-Turk is making every effort to return his ex-wife, Moroccan artist Donia Batma, to his infallibility, after news of their final separation spread due to interference from those close to him.

Muhammad Al-Turk was expelled from the Donia Batma concert

Muhammad al-Turk decided to enter the concert that Donia Batma performed, but the bodyguards prevented him from entering, despite his efforts to persuade them, which failed.

A video clip spread of Muhammad al-Turk holding a bouquet of roses, while the guards who demanded him leave, not caring about his pleas and demands to see Donia, some speculated that the artist was the one who issued the orders to prevent him from being present at her party, although apparently he was trying to calm the situation between them and end discord.

Later, one of the pages published a video clip of Al-Turk, in which he appears moved when he hears a song by the late Cheb Akil talking about love in the Moroccan dialect, while holding tears in his eyes.

Muhammad Al-Turk announces that he will not surrender

Al-Turk had announced that he would not give up amid the crisis that brought him together with his wife, as he documented a group of photos through the story on his Instagram account, accompanied by his children and artist Donia Batma, and commented: “This is my kingdom. Let us live in peace… I will not give up until I gather you in one picture.”

Previously, Al-Turk went out in a live broadcast through his personal account, sending a message to Batma, saying: “My wife, my love, may God bless you. From you”.

Muhammad Al-Turk defends Donia Batma

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He also defended Donia and her artistic experience in a way that sparked a great controversy among the followers, who expressed their surprise at his response to her defense after the news of their separation and the occurrence of differences between them.

Al-Turk spoke in a Moroccan dialect throughout the broadcast, and directed his speech to one of the owners of the artistic accounts that Donia Batma is a great artist, and described the owner of the account as “scum.”

He said, “Dunia Butma is an artist with a center who sang with a voice that all artists and artists testify to, and who stood in the largest theaters in the world… wanted and loved by all people in the world.”