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Muhammad Ezz announces the theft of his Facebook page and sue the perpetrator on these charges | news

The artist, Mohamed Ezz, revealed that he lost control of his official Facebook page, after one of those close to him seized it.

Mohamed Ezz confirmed that he knows the person who stole the page, and decided to sue him on charges of impersonation and profiteering.

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And Ezz wrote through his personal account on Facebook: “The page is not under my control in any way, no one sends me anything on it because it is not connected to me.”

And he added, “I am not responsible for any dealings with it in any way, and I am not responsible for any comment or material and moral transaction through it.”

Mohamed Ezz

And Muhammad Ezz continued: “The one who took the page, of course, I know, and unfortunately I am the one who trusted him, but the first of us so, in the name of God, two cases, one wins and one impersonates, and our Lord appreciates him for the one who is coming.”

Mohamed Ezz

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Ezz participated during the last month of Ramadan in the series “The Returners” and “Rania and Sakina”, and the movie “In the Heart” is expected to be shown during the summer of 2022, written by Ishaq Ibrahim, directed by Mark Adel and starring Khaled Selim, Nisreen Tafesh, Sawsan Badr, Hala Fakher, Menna Fadali, Tony Maher and Engy Kiwan.

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