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Muhammad Fahim: I love to study psychology..and I am happy to participate in “Nadra Currency”

Written by Mohamed Sharkawy

Monday, May 15, 2023 11:52 PM

The artist, Mohamed Fahim, said that he was nominated for the role of Alaa Abdel-Jabbar in the Nadra series. It came through Professor Mando Al-Adl and the truth. You spoke to him after the Faten Harbi series, and I said why I want to work with you because you are a great director and all the actors who work with you appear..

He added, during his stay, a guest on the program One of the People with the journalist, Dr. Amr Al-Laithi on the Al-Hayat screen. I love to study psychology, and when I read the character of Alaa Abdel-Jabbar, I found many contradictions in the personality present in each one of us, and this is something I liked most about the character, and it had to appear on his face that he was not satisfied with the mistakes he made, because of the people You sympathize with him and he must remain in a good tone of voice.

He added that his great teacher, the artist Mahmoud Morsi, I learned from him that when he made a scene, he would not go to see it in the montage, but only hear his voice if he liked it, then the whole scene would be saved, and I do that..

And he continued, “Justice Wars worked with the basics of the game, and he was in table exercises for a month, and Professor Mando sits with each actor alone, and the role of Al-Saidi is not new to me..

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He added, during his stay, a guest on the program One of the People with the journalist, Dr. Amr Al-Laithi on the Al-Hayat screen, and I used to listen to Saidi songs in the room before filming, and I heard Sheikh Al-Tuni’s squares along, and every detail of the clothes and performance we agreed on with Professor Mando Al-Adl.

And about the most difficult scene in the series, it was when I knew that my wife was cheating on me and I hit her, and I never laid my hands on one woman at all..

On the other hand, Muhammad Fahim indicated that I am happy to work with Mr. Hamal Suleiman, who is a very educated person, and I used to take his opinion on the details of the scenes, and I enjoyed acting in front of him and learning from him..

He added that Al-Adl Group rented a place and worked on decorating the entire resort, and I thank them for their keenness on production details..

And about a role in the series Ismail Yassin and Sayed Qutb in the group series, Fahim said that they are two prominent signs in his artistic career, and our Lord honored me with important personalities in the drama.