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محمد منير وأكرم حسني

Muhammad Mounir comments on the deletion of “Lee” from YouTube: “enemies of success”

The Egyptian artist, Akram Hosni, revealed the reaction of the artist, Mohamed Mounir, after deleting the clip of his song “Lee” from YouTube, following accusations of stealing the melody and words.

Akram Hosni said, during his arrival as a guest on the “A Final Word” program, on the Egyptian channel ON: “I am not stupid when I do a song for Muhammad Mounir, the greatest who gave birth to Egypt in singing, and a long history. “.

He added: “Today we were talking, and he told me countries are enemies of success, and because it is a great history, I have never met similar situations.” He continued, “Mohamed Mounir has given me advice since 2015 that is: (Do not pay attention, because those who are suffocating are not emptied, work, and focus on your work), and I still work with his advice.”

He continued, “Mounir is a great artist who has enough self-confidence because he knows that it is a storm in a cup. There are people who don’t know how to succeed, they are upset that others succeed.”

Akram Hosni criticized the singer Mahmoud Al-Mansi’s accusations of stealing the melody of “Lee” from the melody of his song “Weld Al-Hilaliya”, stressing that the source of the two melody is Saidi folklore, and that Al-Mansi did not mention that, and considered that his melody is original to his own.

He added that folklore is a folk heritage entitled to everyone, and is not protected by intellectual property rights, and the law does not oblige him to clarify the word folklore when he acts in it with a different vision.

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It is reported that Al-Mansi stipulated that Akram Hosni, composer and author of the song “Lee”, admit that the song’s melody is inspired by the melody of the song “Weld El Helalia”, in exchange for him withdrawing the complaint he submitted to “YouTube” against “Lee” and led to the song being deleted from the famous video site. .

Hosni rejected that condition, saying: “Impossible,” considering this solution as an admission of theft. He added: I only work legally, and when I write words I go to censor the artistic works, and in the case of the clip I go to the censors to obtain the necessary permits, and these are the documents I submitted to YouTube to return the deleted song.

The accusations of theft were not limited to the song’s melody, as the poet Adel Saber accused Akram Hosni of stealing some clips of the song from a poetry collection he issued in 2011, and confirmed resorting to the judiciary to obtain his right.

Saber confirmed, in exclusive statements to “Al-Ain News”, that he found an entire part of the song taken from his book “Bahr al-Dumeira” issued by the Emad Qatari Foundation for Creativity and Cultural Development in 2011. What confirms his words is the presence of videos on YouTube with money.

Akram Hosni responded to these accusations, on his Facebook page, saying: “I read from a little post accusing me of stealing the lyrics of the song (Li) from a poet from the beloved south of Egypt, and then more than one journalist who spoke to me asking me to respond to this accusation… So let me make this point clear. “.

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He added, “The resemblance of a sentence from the song consisting of 12 lines to a sentence by the poet does not mean theft, but rather the flow of ideas is normal.” He continued, “When the song was written, it was composed of 20 lines, and the King chose 12 of them and it was recorded. I thought the one who wrote 20 lines would stand with him in a sentence to steal it.”