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Muhammad Mounir sings his voice in two works..the most prominent stars of the Ramadan 2023 sequences – Fatah Media

Fatah Media – Agencies:

A few days separate us from the holy month of Ramadan, and with the start of the countdown, the names of the singers and singers who chant the badges of the Ramadan series begin to be announced, with some remaining discreet, as a surprise to the audience of these series.

Here we review the most prominent stars and stars who sing the badges of the Ramadan drama marathon series for the year 2023:

Mohamed Mounir – “Nadra Currency” series sequence

The Egyptian singer, nicknamed “Al-King”, Mohamed Mounir, sings his voice in the badge of two Egyptian series, which are “Nadra Coin” by Nelly Karim and Gamal Suleiman, and the lyrics are from the poems of the late Abd al-Rahman al-Abnoudi, and composed by Muhammad Rahim. The series belongs to the Saidi drama, in which Nelly embodies the role of Saidia for the first time in her artistic career.

Mohamed Mounir – the sequence of the series “Sarah Al-Batea”

Mounir Shaara also sings the series “Sarah Al-Bati’”, the first television work of Egyptian director Khaled Youssef, and the lyrics are composed by Walid Saad. The work belongs to the historical drama and is based on the novel of the late writer Youssef Idris, and includes more than 60 artists from the Arab world. Khaled described the song as it will remain in people’s hearts.

Ahlam – “Majareh” series sequence

The Emirati artist, Ahlam, is having her first experiences in singing the badges of the Ramadan series, through the sequences of the Kuwaiti series “Majareh” by the artist, Souad Abdullah, Asmahan Tawfiq, Abdul Imam Abdullah, Hind Al Balushi, and Hanadi Al Kandari, and the stars of the series expressed their happiness with the participation of Ahlam in her voice, so the Kuwaiti artist said Hanadi Al-Kandari: “A surprise that I was very happy with..Thank you from the heart to the dear Ahlam.”

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Rahma Riad – the sequence of the series “Fire with Fire”

The Iraqi singer, Rahma Riyad, is going through her first experiences in singing in the Lebanese dialect, as she presents the song “Badal Madi”, the sequence of the Syrian-Lebanese series “Fire with Fire” for the stars, Abed Fahd, Karis Bashar and George Khabbaz, and the lyrics are by Mazen Daher, and composed by Fadl Suleiman. Rahma expressed her happiness with this participation.

Lessons of life We have learned to return fire with fire, and we want to replace the past…

Muhammad Al-Helou and Hanan Madi – the sequence of the series “Darb Nar”

The Egyptian artist Mohamed El-Helou and the artist Hanan Madi present the sequence of the series “Darb Nar” by Yasmine Abdelaziz and Ahmed Al-Awadi, and the lyrics of the sequence are by Amir Tuaima, composed and arranged by Khaled Ezz, and the song talks about the negative feelings that occur after separation after unbridled love.

Ahmed Saad – the sequence of the series “Jaafar El-Omda”

The Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad Tatar sings the songs of the series “Jaafar El Omda” by Mohamed Ramadan, Zina, and Mai Kassab.

Yassin El-Tohamy – the sequence of the series “Sithom”

The religious vocalist Yassin Al-Tohamy sings the sequence of the series “Sitham” by Rogina and Iyad Nassar, in which he also participates in his first acting experiences, and the words of the sequence are one of the poems he sings in his dhikr episodes within the events of the series.

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Ahmed Makki – “Al-Kabir Oy 7” series

Artist Ahmed Makki recently released a song called “Wala’ana”, revealing that it is a promotional song for the new part of the series, without revealing whether it was among the events or the new sequence. The series stars Ahmed Makki, Mohamed Salam, Bayoumi Fouad and Rahma Ahmed, and the series witnesses the appearance of the artist Ahmed El Sakka as a guest of honor, and the series also carries other surprises, such as the appearance of the Lebanese artist Nour and the Brazilian dancer Lurdiana.

Trailer for the series “Al-Maddah 3”

Singer Wael Al-Fashni, in collaboration with artist Hamada Helal, sings the sequence of the latter’s series “Al-Maddah 3”, starring Donia Abdelaziz.

Trailer of the series “Baba Al-Majal”

Singers Houda Bunduq and Muhammad Shaheen sing the sequence of the series “Baba al-Majal” by Mustafa Shaaban. Houda Bunduq also presents songs within the work with Tariq al-Sheikh. This work witnesses the return of Bunduq with Mostafa Shaaban, 11 years after the singer presented the song of the series “The Fourth Wife”, which was shown in 2012. The work makers released a song entitled “Ramadan Ramadan”, the first work song on YouTube.

Mostafa Shaaban will co-star with Bassem Samra, Nisreen Amin, Jumana Murad, Sawsan Badr, Riyad El-Khouli, and Mohamed Najati.

The Lebanese singer Nader Al-Atat presents the sequence of the series “Finally” by the Lebanese star Nadine Nassib Njeim, and the Syrian star Qusai Khouli, in the third cooperation between the two stars after the series “Five and Nos” in 2019, and “Twenty Twenty” in 2021.

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The lyrics are by Mounir Bou Assaf, composed by Hisham Boulos, and arranged by Omar Sabbagh. Nadine expressed her enthusiasm for the song, in a tweet on her Twitter account, tweeting: “I can’t wait, I’m very excited.”