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Muhammad Ramadan disavowed him.. The director of "Ehki Ya Scheherazade" reveals his scenes

Muhammad Ramadan disavowed him.. The director of “Ehki Ya Scheherazade” reveals his scenes

Thirteen years have passed since the screening of the movie “Ehki Ya Scheherazade”, starring Mona Zaki and Hassan Al-Raddad, written by the late Waheed Hamed, and directed by Yousry Nasrallah.

The film, which witnessed the participation of Muhammad Ramadan in a small role in the beginnings of his artistic life, but he presented in the work an influential role in the events, despite the fact that Ramadan returned after that to express his remorse.

from the movie

Director Yousry Nasrallah revealed new scenes of his movie, in his meeting with writer and actor Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, which was shown on “YouTube”, where the director confirmed that the film attracted him at first sight since reading his name.

At the time, the late Waheed Hamid sent him the script for him to read, and Ramadan was chosen to play the role of “Saeed Al-Khafif”, but Yousry Nasrallah confirmed that Ramadan at the present time disavows the film and expresses his regret for participating in it because of the hot scenes that it contained. the work.

Yousry Nasrallah did not discuss more than that or comment on Ramadan’s position, but he explained that Bassem Samra asked him to participate in the film and present the same role that Ramadan played, but Yousry Nasrallah refused because Bassem Samra was not suited, especially since his body is strong, and therefore he can overcome The girls easily, unlike Ramadan, who had the right ingredients for the role.

Nasrallah revealed that Bassem Samra joked at the time and told him that he wanted to present the role of the older sister in the events, praising Samra’s great ability to embody roles.

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The Egyptian director indicated his objection to a sentence written by Waheed Hamed in the script, and was determined to change it because it was not suitable for the dramatic reality, which the author responded to in the end.