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Muhammad Ramadan is in a new artistic crisis

Muhammad Ramadan is in a new artistic crisis

He announced that he will hold a concert in Damascus… and the Syrian Artists Syndicate denies it

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, is experiencing a new crisis in his controversial series of concerts, after the Syrian Artists Syndicate – Damascus Branch – denied his announcement of reviving a concert in Syria, on the sixth of next October.

The union said: “There is no truth to what is being circulated about holding a concert for artist Mohamed Ramadan, whether through the public or private sector.”

And Ramadan had announced during the past hours in a press statement published on his official pages on social networking sites, “the revival of concerts in several Arab cities next to Damascus, which is Doha on the twenty-fifth of October, and the city of Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan on the twenty-seventh of the same month.”

The Syrian Artists Syndicate resolved its matter from the ceremony and denied its holding, in whole and in detail, in a statement published on its official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, in parallel with a severe attack by Syrians, most notably the Syrian artist Maan Abdel Haq, who published a video on his Facebook page, in which he said, “It is circulating Some pages this morning have news about a concert that the artist Mohamed Ramadan will perform, and this news so far is unofficial in Syria and has not been issued by the Artists Syndicate or the Ministry of Information, and we can consider it just a rumor. In Syria, there is neither welcome nor welcome, and we will not receive him, nor will we welcome him.”

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He added, “Many Syrians, by all available means, will express their rejection of his invitation or hosting, if the news is true, where can he obtain the honor and dignity of standing in the only Arab resistance capital, Damascus.”

This is not the first crisis that Ramadan has been exposed to during the past few days, as a campaign was launched against him in the Egyptian governorate of Alexandria, due to the rejection of some of his concerts, scheduled to be held on the seventh of next October, and a “hashtag” was launched on social media under the title “Mohamed Ramadan is not welcome in Alexandria.” Which provoked the Egyptian artist and made him go to the streets of Alexandria without special guards to prove to the launchers of those campaigns that they were incorrect, and he went to more than one popular area in the governorate and took souvenir photos with his audience, which caused a state of traffic congestion.

Music critic Muhammad Ramadan Alloush talks about the recurring crises of Ramadan in the recent period, telling Asharq Al-Awsat: “Contracts usually face routine problems due to administration and finances, and sometimes crises are exacerbated by some of the intervening workers. I do not think that Ramadan will announce the establishment of A concert in Syria without having actually signed a contract stipulating the concert, and it is highly likely that the organizer signed the contract with Ramadan and did not finish the arrangements for holding the concert in Damascus, so the union rushed when Ramadan announced the concert and denied it.

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Alloush revealed that the majority of Arab artistic unions have a guiding and not mandatory role, “not all Arab artistic unions have the same privileges that the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate possesses in preventing and closing concerts.” Becca and Hassan Shakoush, although the duo held concerts there for more than a day.

The Egyptian critic concluded his speech that there is always fear among Arab artistic unions about Ramadan concerts because he “takes his clothes off, and presents different and bold artistic forms and paragraphs than the majority of classical artists such as Hani Shaker, who recently gave a concert in Damascus.”

Shaker recently performed two concerts at the Opera House in Damascus amid a large audience, as the hall did not accommodate his audience in the first concert, which made the organizers of the concert at the Syrian Opera House hold a second concert under the auspices of the Syrian Ministry of Culture and Minister of Culture Lubana Mushauh, which was presented by the Syrian artist Solaf. Fawakherji, and was hosted by the artist Mayada Al-Hinnawi at her home.