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Muhammad Ramadan “Taheb” .. and raises controversy with “a wink of an eye and hidden” – our lives – destinations

Muhammad Ramadan “Taheb” .. and raises controversy with “a wink of an eye and hidden” – our lives – destinations

The new song, presented by the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, entitled “Sabet”, achieved great views on the artist’s channel on “YouTube”, achieving hundreds of thousands of views in about hours.

And Muhammad Ramadan tweeted on his account on Twitter: “Oh God, make us able to make people happy… Clip # Thabet is now on my official YouTube channel.”

Muhammad Ramadan attached the tweet, with a short video clip, which he opened with “Good morning.. I woke up today. I opened WhatsApp, and I found Muhammad Sami, who sold me a fixed clip after I read it… and he tells me you will download it on YouTube when? .. I told him, by God, I am.” YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and the meat of my shoulders are among the best of the public. My republic belongs to the public. The time when the audience wanted me to download the clip, I will download it. He told me that Friday is the most appropriate time for people to stay on vacations and find a good way.

He added that he told the director Muhammad Sami: “By God, the popular people who are like our situation, the Upper Egyptians, and the peasants, when they have a need that makes people happy, they download it all the time and they don’t,” inviting the audience to watch the clip “Thabit”, concluding the video clip on social media with “a wink of an eye.” And the word “covered”.

For their part, the audience of social networking sites interacted with the words of Mohamed Ramadan in the short video clip promoting the song’s clip.

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While some praised Muhammad Ramadan, others criticized the artist’s method, and what his new words call for from a previous video clip that sparked a crisis, when Ramadan spoke in almost the same manner about “reserving his money in an Egyptian bank.”
And an account holder said in response to Muhammad Ramadan: “Egotism is the artist’s cemetery.” Others criticized the song, saying: “There is no fixed and no need for the words of the song to be empty.”

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