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أسماء إبراهيم ومحمد رمضان وهالة سرحان

Muhammad Ramadan thanks Hala Sarhan after her talk in “Sari Ink”: Your words are a sign on my chest | news

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, thanked the media, Hala Sarhan, after she talked about him on the “Ink Secret” program with the media, Asma Ibrahim.

And Muhammad Ramadan published part of the episode through his official account on the social networking site Instgram and commented: (The great media personality, Hala Sarhan, your words are a decoration on my chest).

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Hala Sarhan confirmed that Muhammad Ramadan is a great star and praised his success, whether in acting or songs, and said that he achieved extraordinary artistic excellence, noting that his talent is distinguished and he loves art and acting.

And she added, “The overwhelming success may lead to confusion in the choice, and he is not confused in the choices, but he plays the role that enters Egyptian homes while he is smart.”

The Ink Secret program will be shown throughout the month of Ramadan at 6:30, coinciding with the Iftar date on “Cairo and Al-Nas” channel, and it hosts a large number of stars from Egypt and the Arab world, including Dr. stars.

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