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Muhannad Al-Hamdi talks about his handsomeness and reveals the reason for selling his car, and confirms: "Fame is looking for me."

Muhannad Al-Hamdi talks about his handsomeness and reveals the reason for selling his car, and confirms: “Fame is looking for me.”

Muhannad Al-Hamdi was a guest on the “Your Interaction” program shown on Al-Arabiya TV, presented by Sarah Dandrawi, and the Saudi artist answered many questions about his entry into the world of art, as well as the criticisms leveled at him in the recent period.

Muhannad Al-Hamdi: My smile is not a charge, and I rejected the “Juman 2” series

Muhannad Al-Hamdi explained on the “Interactom” program his opinion about some of the attacks and criticism he is exposed to, specifically about his search for fame, and the Saudi artist also spoke about the reason for his refusal to participate in the second part of the “Juman” series. I succeeded in it, and I had a passion for football at first, and after that my passion for acting began.”

Muhannad Al-Hamdi added: “As for my handsomeness, I do not find it an accusation, but I will try to reduce it, and I did not refuse to participate in the second part of the (Juman) series because of the criticism I was subjected to, but as a result of my desire not to repeat it, and the work makers want to implement a second part. Because of the success of the first part.

Muhannad Al-Hamdi sold his car because of his own project

Muhannad Al-Hamdi confirmed that he sold his Rolls-Royce because he was thinking of implementing a project, and he also confirmed that he had undergone a jaw injection, and that he did not regret the scene he presented in the series “Beirut’s Batch.” Mohamad Al-Hamdi said: “I already had a Rolls-Royce, but this is not evidence of Richness, I sold the car as a result of envy and opened a project, and underwent an injection process in the jaws, as for the criticism I was subjected to because of a scene in the series (Beirut batch) I only personally regretted, as there is a script as well as a director.

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Muhannad Al-Hamdi in the program “Your Interaction”

Muhannad Al-Hamdi: “Nour Al-Ghandour and I did not promote the rumor of our association.”

Muhannad Al-Hamdi also denied what was reported about his promotion with the artist Nour Al-Ghandour of the rumor of their association, as he confirmed that each of them has continuously denied this rumor: “Regarding the rumor of my association with the artist Nour Al-Ghandour, we did not promote it. Colleagues, but the audience loved the duo Nour and Muhannad, so there was a recurrence of this rumor.”

Muhannad Al-Hamdi also clarified his position on the public’s interference in his private life, and confirmed that he did not talk about the details of his life and his relationship with his fiancée, Farah Murad, except in a single program shown on “YouTube”, and confirmed that his association with a non-Saudi girl is a share. Muhannad Al-Hamdi refused to accuse some of him of being nervous, as he indicated He is an artist who can be enthusiastic, not nervous.

Photos from Muhannad Al-Hamdi’s Instagram account and the attached video.