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مدير مخزن المومياوات: ما نعرفه حتى الآن 5% من علم الحضارة المصرية القديمة

Mummies store manager: What we know so far is 5% of the science of ancient Egyptian civilization

Mostafa Ismail, director of the mummies store and head of the mummies maintenance laboratory at the National Museum of Civilization, said that there are modern programs that can be used to clarify the aspects of mummies, where a simulation is made between the mummy and the shape of the ancient Egyptian king himself, explaining that in order to reach the true shape of the mummy in ancient Egypt, images are identified. He and his families, and therefore the imaginary drawing is made of him and we reach 710 or 80% of the real form of the mummy.

The director of the mummy store added, in statements to the Akher Sa’a program, broadcast on the Extra News channel, and presented by the media, Kholoud Zahran: Our problem in the modern time is that people are trying to take the shape of the mummy and bring it closer to the European shape, and therefore a correct scientific review of the mummy’s shape must be done, explaining that the human The ancient Egyptian was advanced in everything, and every day a new need was revealed.

The director of the mummies store pointed out that the ancient Egyptian man used oils in effective proportions and the use of active substances to give the highest effectiveness in mummification. This is the top of technology 3200 years ago, and the new hair styles were used by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago, continuing: The ancient Egyptian man used 17 types Oil and we were able to know 11 oils and we are trying to find out the rest and the ancient Egyptians were doing plastic surgery, and what we know is only 5% in ancient Egyptian anthropology, and the nail polish of mummies is still present in the mummy and has been fixed for thousands of years until now.

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