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Municipalities and lands fencing space - Albilad newspaper

Municipalities and lands fencing space – Albilad newspaper

Among the constructive and corrective directives that the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing directed earlier to owners of vacant lands to expedite the issuance of fencing licenses through the (Baladi) platform in accordance with the models, standards and controls approved by the Ministry, before starting to monitor the owners’ compliance early next July.

The Ministry’s initiative aims to control the empty lands located in commercial streets, unify their appearance with the surrounding buildings, reduce the accumulation of waste within those lands, protect them from encroachments, and clarify ownership of the land.

The Ministry has done well with this directive for the goals that it proceeds from in order to correct the manifestations of these lands that are crowded in most of the cities of the Kingdom, especially the large ones, and the survival of most of them for a period of time without fencing, which made them vulnerable to the spread of epidemics and waste and places for gatherings in a way that is incompatible with the health of the environment The civilized face of the city.

Because of the national importance of this project, the ministry has decided (starting from next July, fencing of vacant lands will be “compulsory” in some regions of the Kingdom, and the first phase of it includes a number of lands in the city of Riyadh, Dammam, Al-Khobar, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Jeddah and Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah regions). .

The ministry had earlier launched an awareness campaign targeting the owners of (commercial) space lands located on the main axes of high traffic density in the main cities with the aim of raising the level of awareness and responsibility towards activating the decision to improve the urban landscape, address visual distortion, and raise the level of humanization of cities through afforestation of fences.

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Conclusion: Achieving and implementing the objectives of this resolution is one of the complements of the urban renaissance that the Kingdom is experiencing in all its cities, villages and deserts, and the cooperation of vacant land owners with municipalities in achieving these goals is an effective way to achieve urban facades and keep pace with the construction process at the level of the Kingdom, present and future.

What we would like to draw the Ministry’s attention to, to add to its successful attention and directives, is that many of its gardens, as well as the empty lands affiliated with endowments, are also in need of rehabilitation. Waste, as well as the lands belonging to endowments in many cities need fencing instead of being neglected and inconsistent with the urban buildings adjacent to them (formally and urban) and exploiting them either by renting or building according to the terms of the endowment.
We are confident in the ministry’s interest and active efforts to achieve what is in the public interest for which we have all mobilized.
God luck,

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