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«Music Affairs» supports the talented - Al-Raya newspaper

«Music Affairs» supports the talented – Al-Raya newspaper

Doha – Al Raya:

The Music Affairs Center continues to support talented people by upgrading them artistically and introducing them to the public, within the framework of cooperation between Qatar TV and the Center through the “Fi Al-Duha” program, which gives the opportunity for young creators to express their talents. Al-Yafei in his television interview with the “Nagham” competition, which he said: It changed his musical life to a great extent. He said: The idea of ​​nurturing the gifted, which the Center for Music Affairs focuses on, would contribute to placing the singing scene at an advanced level in the region, because working to discover talents is tantamount to providing an infrastructure for this field, which indicates the birth of a new generation that has a strong impact in the future. .
For his part, Khaled Al-Salem, Director of the Music Affairs Center, said: The Center’s cooperation with Qatar TV in highlighting artists has a great impact on our success, and Al-Salem explained that nurturing talented and new voices constitutes a musical base that elevates the creative entity to the horizon, which is what the Center for Music Affairs aspires to. He described the Nagham competition as having an effective role in achieving many goals in this context, and on the agenda and strategy for the work of the Music Affairs Center during the coming period, Al-Salem said: The center pays attention to promoting the musical movement in Qatar by organizing many events, There is also great interest in the direction of the Qatari lyrical heritage, giving the opportunity for Qatari youth and residents to return to the relationship with the musical heritage, and therefore the coming period will be full of activities, and work will be continued in introducing the center and spreading the culture of music, while continuing to create new cadres. in all fields of music.
It is noteworthy that the center prepared and produced an artwork for the artist Hashem Al Yafei called “The Conditions,” a song composed by Al Yafei himself, and Al Yafei is the winner of the “Nagham” competition in first place in its first season of the competition, which is a competition dedicated to amateurs presented by the Music Affairs Center with the aim of discovering talents. This competition comes within the framework of the center’s goals to create a promising musical generation that enriches Qatari music, draws on the Qatari and Arab musical heritage, and contributes to shaping the Qatari musical identity.

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