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Musimani “Al-Ahly” .. Qari’s brilliance is a local failure

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The performance of the Egyptian Al-Ahly team became a puzzle in the league championship, and the team continued to bleed points after a draw with the Vanguard team, without goals, in the 16th round of the tournament, which put South African Betso Mosimane, Al-Ahly coach, in front of criticism arrows, both from football experts. Or from Al-Ahly fans, who lived happiness a few days ago, when the team booked a ticket to qualify for the semi-finals of the African Champions League, at the expense of the Moroccan Raja team, which made the fans feel the approach of achieving the continental title for the eleventh time in Al-Ahly’s history, and its third in a row. And strengthening the title of “African Masters” that the fans sing about, but in the race to regain the lost league title, the situation is going against what the fans desire, as if the red genie suddenly turns into a pet competitor unable to keep pace with his competitors, which baffles Al-Ahly fans about the coach’s personality. And his leadership of the team.

Musimani failed for the second consecutive game in the league to lead his team to victory in the league championship, and eventually surrendered to the result of a draw against the Vanguards of the Army, and contented itself with collecting one point, and before that, he lost against Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi with a goal without a response, and the team continues to bleed points at a time Its traditional rival (Zamalek) is crawling towards the top of the league table.

Al-Ahly occupies second place in the standings with 32 points, 3 points behind Zamalek (the title holder), and although there is a difference of two matches between the two rivals, where Al-Ahly played 13 games, compared to 15 for Zamalek, Al-Ahly’s performance in the local championship worries its fans.

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This concern is due to the feeling of the red fans that Mosimane does not have a clear game plan, as well as his insistence on involving players of modest level, led by his South African compatriot Percy Tau, who recently angered Al-Ahly, after he managed to miss easy opportunities to score in front of the goal, which is what It happened against the Vanguards of the Army and Al-Masry and the Moroccan Raja matches in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Despite this, Mosimane prefers to include the player as a key player, whether in the center of the wing or as an outright striker.

Al-Ahly fans launched a sharp attack on Percy Tao and Musimani, and the fans launched a hashtag via Twitter bearing the name (#Percy_Tao), in order to convey their angry messages, stressing that it is not correct to involve the player primarily at the expense of other players such as, Mohamed Sharif, Ahmed Abdel Qader and Taher Mohamed Taher and Hossam Hassan before them, and that if things continue in this way, Percy Tau will be the reason for the loss of the league title.

On the other hand, Pitso Mosimane’s adherence to the player’s involvement is due to his great belief in his capabilities and skills that he talked about before that on several occasions, in addition to the coach’s desire to prove the sincerity of his certainty about the player who personally requested a contract with him, after he compared him to the Argentine legend “Messi”, so he He gives him more chances than his colleagues.

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missed opportunities

Musimani admitted that his team was suffering because of wasting many opportunities, which led to a 0-0 draw with its guest, Tala’a El-Jaish. about a cure.”

He added: “In fact, if the Al-Tala’i match extends for another hour, Al-Ahly will not score. I do not want to talk about stress. This is not the reason for the tie, but we wasted several attempts. Perhaps Al-Ahly did not shoot on the goal as necessary, but we wasted several attempts, and I am not afraid of repeating the scenario of last season by losing points because the league’s journey is still long and we can compensate.”

Musimani touched on the phenomenon of missed opportunities and said: “Al-Ahly attackers do not shake the net, so what should I do? I can’t judge Hossam Hassan from one game but I’m glad he got the chance, Percy Tau plays well but misses chances. Salah Mohsen and Mohamed Sharif did not score after their participation, Sharif did not score in many of the past meetings. 7 matches in which he did not score.

general coach

Experts believe that the technical staff needs a general coach in order to assist Musimani in some technical matters, which is what the Planning Committee in Al-Ahly headed by Mohsen Saleh began to think about, after the recent period witnessed a decline in the level of the team, especially in the league, and the file of appointing a general coach became an urgent necessity. To handle level vibration and assist the technical director in finding solutions to technical problems.

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The Al-Ahly Planning Committee had wanted to appoint a general coach since the beginning of the current season, specifically since the departure of South African Kevin Johnson, former Musimani assistant, but the latter’s reservations about including new elements prevented an agreement on hiring a new member of the technical staff.