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موسيماني يدرس إعادة أحمد عبد القادر لتشكيل الأهلي أمام المريخ السودانى

Musimani is considering returning Ahmed Abdel Qader to form Al-Ahly against the Sudanese Mars

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani is considering returning the team’s player Ahmed Abdelkader to the initial formation during the Sudanese Al-Merreikh match next Friday in the fifth round of the group stage in the African Championship.

Abdel Qader missed Al-Ahly’s starting lineup in the Sun Downs match yesterday, Saturday, in South Africa in the fourth round of the first group for the group stage of the African Champions League, which Al-Ahly lost with a clean goal.

Ahmed Abdel Kader replaced him in the Sun Downs meeting, and Mosmosani is discussing with his assistants the possibility of returning Abdel Kader to the basic formation because the player represents a great strength at the technical level, as one of the best players in his position.

A state of anger took over the technical staff for Al-Ahly Led by Pitso Mosimane towards the stars of the red team due to the poor performance of the players in their last match against the South African Sun Downs in the fourth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, which Al-Ahly lost with a clean goal and difficult to reach the quarter-finals of the African Championship.

Musimani expressed his anger at the level at which some players appeared in the Sun Downs match and the negligence in achieving a positive result, which would have benefited the red team in its journey in the continental championship, most notably Mohamed Magdy Afsha, Percy Tao, Hamdi Fathi, Ali Maaloul, Aliou Diang, Mohamed Abdel Moneim and Taher Mohamed Taher.

Musimani called on Al-Ahly players to focus heavily on the upcoming matches, and assured them that there is no alternative to winning the Sudanese Al-Marreikh and Al-Hilal in the remaining two matches in the African group stage, to ensure access to the Champions League quarter-finals and to continue to compete for the title of the African Princess for the third consecutive season and the 11th time. In the history of the Red Castle.

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