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Musk continues to reveal the hidden... and clarifies the details of closing Trump's account

Musk continues to reveal the hidden… and clarifies the details of closing Trump’s account

American billionaire Elon Musk continues to reveal the hidden through twitter profiles, The third batch of Twitter Files showed the reasons for removing former President Donald Trump’s account and the stories surrounding it, the pressures of the FBI and security agencies at that time, the inflated powers of company officials, and the decisions related to suspending very important accounts that were based on random and quick steps.

And in the “first part” of the third installment, which runs from October 2020 to January 6, American journalist Matt Taipei told his followers: “We will show you what has not been revealed, which is the erosion of standards within the company in the months before January 6, and the decisions of senior executives to violate their policies.” private, and more, against the backdrop of continued and documented interaction with federal agencies.”

He also added, “Whatever you think about the decision to close Trump’s account that day, the internal communications on Twitter between January 6 and January 8 have a clear historical significance. Even Twitter employees understood at the present time that it was a historic moment according to their deliberations.”

The freelance writer then shared a screenshot of an employee on Twitter asking, “Is this the first head of state ever to be suspended?”.

Taibi reported that Twitter executives “began to feel new and inflated powers” after their decision to ban Trump, indicating that they were “ready to ban future presidents, US administrations, and perhaps even Joe Biden.”

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One executive says the “new administration” will not be suspended by Twitter unless absolutely necessary.

Another unnamed executive also alleged that the “context surrounding” actions of Trump and his supporters “over the course of the election and frankly 4 years or more” contributed to the ban.

“In the end, they looked at the big picture, but this approach can go both ways,” Taibei wrote.

He continued, “The bulk of the internal discussion that led to Trump’s ban took place in those three days of January. However, the intellectual framework was set in the months leading up to the Capitol riots, meaning that there were discussions to ban Trump before the events of January 6.”

“As the election approached, the CEOs probably suffered under pressure from the federal agencies, who met up with them more as the guidance progressed and started talking things over as an excuse to do what they were likely to do anyway,” Taibei said.

Taibi then shared internal messages from Slack insider Lywell Roth, former head of trust and safety at Twitter, which highlighted the increased discussions with federal agencies after Jan. 6 that he had “very interesting” meetings with.

As the American writer explained, “One Slack channel provided a unique window into the cutting-edge thinking of senior officials in late 2020 and early 2021.”

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On October 8, 2020, the executives opened a new window related to the events of January 6, where it will be a place for discussions about election-related account closures especially those involving high-profile or very important accounts.

He continued: “There was at least some tension between Safety Operations — a department whose staff use a list of rules to tackle issues like pornography, deception and threats — and a younger, more robust cadre of senior policy executives such as Roth and former trust and policy chief Vigia led, where the group was led.” The latter is a high-speed Supreme Court that makes rulings on content instantly and often in minutes based on guesses, internal calls, and even Google searches even in cases involving the president.”

Taibei revealed the interference and pressure of US security agencies, adding, “During this time, the executives were also in clear communication with law enforcement agencies and the FBI about modifying election-related content.”