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Musk has confirmed that the Tesla Model S will never return to the classic steering wheel

Musk has confirmed that the Tesla Model S will never return to the classic steering wheel

One of the most important innovations of the modern Tesla Model S elicits somewhat awkward reactions, but the automaker is not going back to the classic steering wheel.

The revamped Tesla Model S was a desirable novelty mainly because of the long-awaited Plaid sports model, which was to take the car’s dynamics to a whole new level. In addition, the automaker introduced many other attractions during the modernization, including a modified interior with a completely new steering wheel.

It is no longer round and lacks an upper part, so it resembles a stick from an airplane. In addition, Tesla removed the transmission selector so that D or R mode is selected via the display, and also got rid of the levers behind the steering wheel. For example, turn signals and lights are now controlled by touch buttons on the steering wheel lever.

At first glance, this was a rather controversial solution, which raised a number of questions. The first reviews from abroad praised the technology of the new Plaid model, but the steering wheel faced even more criticism. And for many reasons.

For example, Marks Brownlee, a well-known influencer, complained about the steering wheel in a new video for the Tesla Model S Plaid. It wasn’t about its shape, it was about the tactile controls they are very accustomed to. Elon Musk also responded to his criticism via Twitter, acknowledging some bugs and promising to correct them during future updates.

However, fredsterrrrr responded to Muska’s post, asking Muska if there was a chance of getting a new Model S with a classic steering wheel. Musk’s answer was simply “no.” The Model S will stay true to its funky steering wheel, though images have surfaced in the past that Tesla considered during the development of its facelift. At least for lower versions.

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However, in the end, this possibility may have certainly been wiped off the table, and now we can only wait to see if a new steering wheel will gradually begin to appear on other models of the Californian automaker.