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Musk on Saturday Night Live: I suffer from Asperger Syndrome

Musk on Saturday Night Live: I suffer from Asperger Syndrome

While the Associated Press described Musk’s performance as a mixture of humility and arrogance, the 49-year-old Tesla boss and SpaceX founder came to promote his brand.

“It’s so cool to be a moderator on Saturday Night Live,” said Musk, accused of speaking extremely monotonously. He also said he was the show’s first moderator – or at least the first to admit.

According to the Associated Press, this may be the first time a successful businessman has publicly said that he suffers from this mild type of autism, which, among other things, makes social connections difficult.

In one scene, Musk plays a fictional financial analyst. He also referred to dogecoin and confessed with a laugh, “Yes, it’s a hoax.” The coin slid 28 percent after the program aired on cryptocurrency exchange Binance, according to Reuters.

In the live program, Musk did not leave the jokes on his own, which Reuters also attributes to the show’s scriptwriters, who attempted to soften Musk’s strange appearance on television. “To everyone I offended, I mean I came up with a new version of an electric car and sent people to Mars in a space rocket. Did you think I would be a normal, wonderful man?” Said Musk.

The decision to cast the hit show as guest moderator Mosca was met with criticism. According to some SNLs, at a time of massive financial disparity due to the covid-19 pandemic, they are celebrating an incredibly wealthy man and a man who downplayed the coronavirus on Twitter.

Musk is possibly the richest anchor that has ever appeared on a TV show. Forbes estimates his fortune at $ 151 billion (more than three trillion CZK). However, he is not the first wealthy businessman in the exhibition’s 40-year history – in 1996 by Steve Forbes and in 2004 and 2015 by former US President Donald Trump. Since taking office in 2016, the statesman has become the main target of political jokes and sketches.

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Asperger’s syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome is mainly characterized by difficulties with communication and social behavior. It is a lifelong disability. People with this disorder have difficulty establishing appropriate relationships with others and social interaction in general. They have poor communication skills, and as a result, they prefer to avoid communicating with others or behave inappropriately.