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Musk warns of SpaceX bankruptcy in an email.  Missile launch and Starlink - may be in danger

Musk warns of SpaceX bankruptcy in an email. Missile launch and Starlink – may be in danger

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk described the critical situation regarding the production of engines for its rockets. The e-mail, which he sent to all employees, shows that production problems seriously threaten the Starship project and the Starlink satellite Internet service. Musk acknowledges the possibility of bankruptcy if these problems are not resolved. I brought the details American television station CNBC.

According to an email whose content appeared in some media this week, there is a crisis around the production of Raptor engines. Worse than Musk realized. So he asked all employees to participate and correct what he called a “disaster”.

SpaceX is in danger

The main problem is whether SpaceX can produce Raptor engines for its Starship rockets in quantities that would allow the launch of the satellites needed for the Starlink Internet service. The goal is to use the Starship on a lunar mission in 2023 and possibly send people to Mars. In the short term, the company intends to use these missiles to launch Starlink satellites.

Musk explains in an email that SpaceX is increasing production of stations that Starlink customers will use to access the Internet. Manufacturing millions of units annually will drain “mega-capital” and be useless if companies fail to send enough satellites into orbit. “The point is, we are in real danger of bankruptcy if we fail to get the spacecraft to fly at least once every two weeks next year,” Musk Books.

Musk says in an email that he plans to take the day off on Thanksgiving. However, after learning about the situation with the Raptor engines, he decided to personally work on the production line until Friday night and over the weekend. “We need all our hands to recover from what is, frankly, a disaster.” Musk Visval.

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The spacecraft must fly

It’s a spaceship new generation missileDeveloped by SpaceX to transport goods and people. The company is testing prototypes in South Texas at Boca Chica and has conducted several short test flights. However, for the rocket’s prototypes to transition to orbital launches, each would need up to 39 Raptor engines, which would require a sharp increase in production.

The Starship missile is reusable, which means that its parts will land in a controlled manner and will be reused after making the necessary modifications. This leads to a drastic reduction in start-up costs. The company is currently using Falcon 9 rockets, which can only be partially reused.

Musk said in early November that he wasn’t sure if the Starship would make it into orbit on the first try, but stressed he was confident. The rocket will enter space in 2022. He also noted at the time that Starship’s development was “to date at least 90% funded internally,” with no international collaboration or external funding.

CNBC reported last week that the two vice presidents responsible for missile production have left SpaceX. Inadequate progress led to Vice President Will Hilltsley being removed from developing the Raptor. Lee Rosen, vice president of missions and launches, and director Ricky Lim also left in November. All three have worked in the company for many years.