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Musk wrote that Tesla should lay off a tenth of its employees

Musk wrote that Tesla should lay off a tenth of its employees

The subject of the email, in which Musk addresses his managers, is “Stop Recruiting Around the World.” According to the announcement by the US Stock Exchange at the end of 2021, Tesla employed one hundred thousand people. In April, Musk gave an interview to the YouTube channel TED Talks He said Tesla employs about 110,000 people.

Tesla can’t complain about poor demand. In the first quarter, it delivered 310 thousand cars to customers. However, the company, like other automakers around the world, is facing production problems, such as the complexity of production at a factory in Shanghai after the shutdown imposed by the epidemic closures. Musk until May in an interview with financial times He admitted that the automaker would have to suspend accepting orders for some models.

Musk may be the first president in the world to create such a bleak view of further economic development. Otherwise, he is not alone in his opinion. “A hurricane is hitting us,” JPMorgan Chase & Co CEO Jamie Dimon said this week. “We don’t know if it’ll be small or Super Sandy,” he added, referring to one of the worst hurricanes to hit the United States in recent years.

Earlier this week, the chief of Tesla ordered all of the automaker’s employees working from home to return to their offices. “Everyone at Tesla should spend at least 40 hours a week in the office,” he wrote in an internal email leaked to social media. “If you don’t show up, we’ll assume you left,” he added.

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According to Musek, the personal presence of employees in the workplace is critical to Tesla’s success. “Of course there are companies out there that don’t ask, but when was the last time they came up with a great new product? It’s been a while,” Musk said in an email. . “It won’t happen if we don’t really try.”