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Mustafa Fahmy did not leave me even a shoe

Mustafa Fahmy did not leave me even a shoe

The Lebanese media, Faten Moussa, revealed new details in her crisis with her ex-Egyptian artist, Mustafa Fahmy.

Faten Moussa said that she returned to Cairo 11 days ago, and this reached her ex-husband, Mustafa Fahmy, and he did not move a finger.

And she added, in a statement to her on her account on “Instagram”: “Our Islamic religion ordered us to release a favor and not through social media, and I was over the past period under the influence of severe shock, what he committed against me by announcing my divorce through social media.”

She added: «Some friends advised me to return to the marital home, especially since I do not have any other home to resort to in Egypt. Likewise, he is responsible for his actions.”

And she added, “I arrived at the apartment, and it was a great disaster that I entered and did not find anything from all of my personal belongings at all, not even a shoe.”

She concluded her post by saying: “So what do you think of Mustafa Fahmy, the husband, the man, and the star artist, Ben Al-Bashawat?”

Earlier, Moussa denied that Mustafa Fahmy had hacked her account and said: “I deny this news in whole and in detail, and it was not issued by me or on my tongue, and I did not declare it at all, and I was surprised by the social media.”

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