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بالبلدي : حسام حسن: انضمامي للأهلي تأخر 15 عامًا.. والخطيب مثلي الأعلى

My joining Al-Ahly was 15 years late… and the preacher is my idol

belbalady Hossam Hassan, who joined the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, expressed his great happiness to join the team from the beginning of the new season, stressing that he rejected many offers; In order to fulfill his life dream and join the Century Club, he wrote a great history for himself after waiting 15 years.

Hossam Hassan said in statements to the club: “The negotiations did not take long, and Captain Amir Tawfiq, the contracting director of Al-Ahly Club, resolved matters successfully. She is always happy.”

start 2006

Hossam Hassan spoke about the beginning of his dream of joining the ranks of Al-Ahly Club, saying: “In 2006 I applied to take exams in the junior sector of the club, but I did not have success, and thank God after 15 years I succeeded in achieving this dream that I never gave up, and I was fighting to achieve it, as I submitted All I have is the effort and sweat that I have to succeed in playing for the Century Club.”

He added: “This season, I presented a distinguished performance that made me a candidate to move to more than one team, whether inside or outside Egypt, and indeed I received many offers with large numbers, but my decision from the beginning was Al-Ahly Club, which cannot be compared to anyone .. I did not hesitate for a moment to accept the offer.” And nothing occupied me throughout the negotiation period except that they were successfully completed, which was achieved, and here I thank everyone who supported me until I achieved the dream of my life.”

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Al-Ahly .. the goal

Hossam Hassan indicated that throughout his professional journey, his first goal was to play in Al-Ahly and said: “I moved between more than one team and my first goal was to reach the top. The team that was playing for the pioneers at the time, his experience was inspiring for me after he left Al-Ahly, and he was providing great levels, and I am very happy that we will meet with one team, and he is one of the most prominent goalkeepers in Egypt and Africa.”

strong friendship

On his relationship with Al-Ahly players, Hossam Hassan said: “My relationship is distinguished with most of Al-Ahly’s players, and we have been in the national teams for many periods. I have a strong friendship with Yasser Ibrahim and Ayman Ashraf after we played in Smouha, as well as Mohamed Magdy Afsha and Mohamed Sharif .. Certainly I am confident that the players will be included. The team is ready for any newcomer, which makes me very optimistic about the success in my experience in the coming period.”

Unlimited ambitions

Hossam Hassan spoke about his ambitions with Al-Ahly during the coming period, stressing that they are without limits, especially as the team is preparing to take on many challenges and championships, and seeks to win them. The season still has many challenges and championships to win, and I certainly hope to win the local Super Cup and the African Super, and my ambitions are limitless.”
He continued, “I dream of playing in the Club World Cup. Al-Ahly is the only club among Egypt’s clubs that participated in this global tournament, and I certainly got the chance of a lifetime; To be part of the team that will participate in the next edition in Japan.. I am very excited to do the best I can; In order to gain the confidence of the technical staff, and contribute to making a new history in all tournaments and forums.”

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my idol

Regarding his ideal in his football career, Hossam Hassan said: “Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president, is my ideal. Since childhood, I have dreamed of meeting him, and fate has given me the opportunity to play in Al-Ahly so that I can be close to fulfilling this wish. Captain Al-Khatib is a legend, inspiring generations and an honor for any player to emulate.

Ready for challenges

He added, “Ready for all challenges. I know very well that Al-Ahly accepts only winning championships, and I love challenges. I also know that playing for the team requires a lot of effort and focus and staying away from pressure. A role with the team in the coming period.”

He continued: «Without a doubt, playing under the leadership of Mister Pitso Mosimane is an honor for any player, as he is a technical manager with a great history, as well as a visionary, and everyone knows that he has the ability to develop players and deal with them in the best psychologically, which makes me very excited. To train with him and benefit greatly from him.”


Hossam Hassan concluded his speech, stressing that he is an “Ahly fan” and watches Al-Ahly matches in all tournaments. He said: “I am keen to follow Al-Ahly matches on a regular basis, and I lived in a state of anticipation during the African final match, which was decided by Mohamed Magdy Afsha by knockout in the nets of Zamalek .. As for In the tenth final, I felt that the title was very close, and my happiness was indescribable. I hope to succeed with my teammates in winning the eleventh title.”

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