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العمدة توزال: أصولي المغربية لا تقسم قراراتي.. وأدعم التغيير بـ"تقديم نموذج"

My Moroccan origin does not divide my results .. I support change “by providing a model”.

The first Lord Mayor at the age of 22, the first Muslim to hold office, the first citizen of Moroccan descent in this capacity, was the first minority citizen to assume this responsibility in British Westminster, where Queen Elizabeth resides.

Many role models have been linked to the achievement of Hamza Dசssell, a British-born Moroccan parent born in the United Kingdom.

Hispress Online newspaper met with Lord Mayor Hamza Dossell and asked him about his new responsibilities, priorities and the situation of religious and ethnic minorities in the UK.

What do you think of the Westminster teenship responsibility?

Being Lord Mayor of Westminster is the greatest privilege and the greatest honor of my life because I can represent the citizens of Westminster both domestically and around the world.

I am a first citizen, so I go to many local events and meet many young people, ambassadors and politicians, and show them what makes Westminster so much better.

It is a great honor, especially since I am the first Muslim to hold this position at the same time, the young Lord Mere and the first person of the minority to hold the post.

Being of Moroccan descent, do your duties differ from those of your predecessors?

Not really. It helps me get another identity, and it does not divide my results; At the end of the day I live in London, which is my home, the place where I was born and where my family lives. My first role is to do things in my home, social behavior and youth issues and try to help them.

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Also, since I am Moroccan, I look here (Morocco) and wonder how I can represent Morocco and be their voice. There may be things I can’t do; But there may be little things I encourage people to do.

Just because you are Moroccan, does not mean you can not do this or that, and there are young Moroccans in the UK who want to get more involved; So I can help the Moroccan people who live where I live and show them that I can control them in politics.

How do you see the situation of minorities in the UK?

Being a minority is a thorny right for most of us, and that right has certainly evolved compared to what it was in the sixties, seventies and eighties, and now it is much better, and the representation of minorities is increasing.

Even in political parties, there are rules about female candidates and minority candidates, these are the things that should be.

Compared to other countries around the world, the UK is one of the best in terms of content and diversity.

It is not possible to be Lord Mayor without this; But I should not be the first and last, it should be citizens of other Muslims and other backgrounds, Jews, Christians and others, and we should all be a mix of working together.

A Moroccan born outside the country, how do you see the situation in the country?

There are challenges in Morocco and challenges in the United Kingdom. I think the challenges in the UK will have a greater impact on them, the voice and the power of change, and if Lord Mayor were a non-political position I would not be affiliated with any party, which means I am somehow independent. , So I can represent everyone.

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As for the change I can bring about in Morocco and Moroccan politics, it only serves to give everyone a voice, and I want other young people and children studying in universities and schools to see me as “the limit of the sky” and nothing they can achieve.

What I really want is to be a role model and to promote political participation in Morocco and the UK.

Why did you choose to join the Labor Party in Britain?

I joined the Labor Party when I was 16; Because I believed that the party that could make the biggest difference for people like me was the party social movement that could help more people, make a difference in the lives of more people, and still am.