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My wife didn't know whether to congratulate or console me, the boss laughed

My wife didn’t know whether to congratulate or console me, the boss laughed

“I am amazed at the number of votes my opponents Milan Rubalik got, but on the other hand, given his ideas that he has sent to the clubs during campaigning and performances, I was expecting a similar path,” the 55-year-old admitted. Football official.

“However, I was wrong about five votes. He was a counter-candidate, in all the elections I ran, and there were actually five, he showed the clubs a specific program. A program that many of the actors definitely liked. He’s a man I’ve never had a problem with. “It is undoubtedly a pity that he did not want to turn his ideas into reality as a member of the Executive Committee.”

Did you receive a lot of congratulations after the elections?
I have received them from most of the officials who ran for the executive committee and only wanted to work there if elected. The head of KFS Zlín and his secretary also spoke. Congratulations from Petr Zapletal, who works for KFS Zlín as a popular trainer for FACR youth. Congratulations from colleagues from work. My wife did not know whether to congratulate or comfort me. I didn’t know either. (Laughter)

How did you celebrate the victory?
I don’t celebrate these things. I’m not the celebrated type with age and calm. However, this time, I made an exception, and after three hours of staying in bad weather (the election meeting took place in the stands – the author noted), I got rid of the risk of catching a cold with a small amount of drink and tea with rum.

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How many prominent officials have supported you? Was it different than it was years ago?
totally different! Never before, long before the election, there were either incumbent officials at various levels or those who were on the verge of running somewhere. Apparently, according to the audience and various activists, I do not belong to “Berbrovce” and the nobles probably did not care whether the head of OFS Kopčil, Roubalík, Losna or Mažňák would do so far from Prague.

VV configuration has changed significantly. Four new officials arrived. How do you realize that?
I’m excited. The atmosphere will be oxygenated and I am fully convinced that it will benefit everyone.

What are your plans and goals for the next election period?
Nowadays, it is difficult to plan anything. My biggest wish today is for the new competition year to start in August without any restrictions. If that happened, I would be happy to answer this question.

What is your recipe for improving the situation with the lack of rulers?
I am not a charlatan to know how to increase the number of judges. However, it is clear that other conditions, especially financial, must be in place in order to increase the rule of thumb. This will create a competitive environment in which the right person can be divided and who should find other entertainment.

Regional elections are approaching. Are you considering running?
I have been thinking of running for about half a year and have changed my mind several times. I will not declassify the final verdict now. I will still negotiate with the members of the Executive Committee and would like to know the ideas of the current management of KFS Zlín, what football should look like in the region until 2025. At the moment, I am very mentally tired, because I am preparing for the general meeting in Kroměříž happy because in the end everything worked out. . I will see what it will look like in a few days as I get a little more rest.

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What about the position of president? Didn’t it attract you?
The word “seductive” is not correct in this case. I always run to places where I think I can benefit football and where my absolute neutrality will be applied with the ability to fully express my opinions, so I can only express myself after the following negotiations.

Who do you think should lead King Faisal Schools?
You probably won’t have a harder question there anymore. (Laughs) At this point, I don’t officially or unofficially know the name of the only candidate. The proposals are due to be submitted by April 21, so hopefully the situation will be clearer. Every union within FACR must be headed by someone who is not a percentage associated with unfair practices. He must be a completely independent person and not linked to his job with any club. A man should be available for sixteen hours a day, I let him sleep for eight hours. (Laughter). Someone who wants to help all the clubs and officials in the whole area and takes care of their problems.

How big of change do you expect in the FACR election as well?
It is difficult to estimate at this time. However, I think the UNGA General Assembly will have a different composition of delegates this time. Perhaps naively, I assume that people will get to the upper floors and add wrinkles to their foreheads on journalists, because they will have no reason to criticize them at all or at all.

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Can football be cleared of all the recent problems in one election?
He can’t, but he can move in the right direction. I can’t estimate how long it will take, but I guess I won’t test this as an administrator anymore.

Do you think it can be cleaned? Or will the new “Berbers” come?
Czech football has seen only a number of scandals since 1989. Some officials or referees withdrew to the background and then took control of others as their personalities. The heads of FACR, as well as other senior officials who did not act impartially and had to resign, were already running and I always believed that the new fighters would never rise again. I was wrong. So far, they always stood up and found a vacant place.