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My young Egyptian husband did not disappoint me

The love story of British octogenarian Iris Jones and Egyptian teenager Mohamed Ahmed is even more controversial, especially since their separation from December 2020; Al-Wadan newspaper reported that Iris reappeared in “The Sun” newspaper after failing to travel with her in the United Kingdom, expressing the pain she has been experiencing since her separation from her Egyptian boyfriend.

Iris rejected the notion that her young husband, who was not over 36, was trying to deceive or exploit her, insisting that she was not a young or insignificant woman who was being cheated on, noting that he had not listened to her. If there is money, they share the cost of living together: “My love story on Muhammad is true. I have said many times that he did not deceive me and did not take advantage of me.”

Iris responds to allegations that Mohammed deceived himself
The 80-year-old woman, who has two sons in her fifties, is waiting for her husband “Mohammed” to return to the UK. He hopes to get a visa from the Interior Office: “Mohammed can not come back. I mean the end of the world. I love Mohammed. I hope to meet him soon. The Interior Ministry is interested in having evidence of our relationship. We have a lot to prove. And it’s available to me, and it’s a condition for his English language proficiency, because Muhammad passed the required English language test, “he told The Sun.”

The story of Iris and Mohammed, who got to know each other through the social networking site “Facebook” when they joined the group of which Mohammed was a member, and from here on out and then on to love. Love began as he described on a TV show: “When I fell in love with him, I moved to Cairo five years later. After talking online for several months, I took the wedding dress with me because I was confident and sure everything would be fine. It was.”

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