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Mysterious “door” on Mars

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A picture taken from Mars, resembling the doors at the entrances to the pharaonic tombs, has sparked a great controversy.

The strange image taken by the Curiosity rover since mid-2012 on the surface of Mars, and broadcast by NASA on its website last week, continues to baffle everyone who sees it, because it is more intriguing than any image taken by a man-made rover on Mars. The Red Planet, in it, looks like an entrance or door dug into a hill perfectly, similar to the entrances to the tombs of the pharaohs in the “Valley of the Kings” near the city of Luxor in southern Egypt, or what we see in Al-Ula and Madain Saleh in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

A quick look at the picture is enough to give birth to an immediate belief that it is an entrance that leads to a cache on Mars, or “perhaps a door to a completely different world, to inspire a science fiction movie, or even two films,” according to “Al,” according to a brief report on the image. Published by the Australian science website ScienceAlert, he said:

“If what appears in it is not a door or an entrance – and it is certainly not a door or an entrance – but it is certainly a fracture caused by some kind of pressure on a rocky shape”, or from an earthquake, such as the one recorded on the Red Planet on May 4th.