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أشجار غامضة "تمشى" فى أمازون الإكوادور مسافة 20 مترا في السنة

Mysterious trees “walk” in the Ecuadorian Amazon 20 meters a year

In the Amazon region of Ecuador, there are some mysterious trees that walk a few meters away a year, they move slowly, and these trees, which scientists discovered moving from their place, raised the astonishment of many, who want to know the secret of their movement.

Peter Vrsanski, a biologist at the Slovak Institute of Geosciences, said that he watched this phenomenon closely, and stated that the growth of new roots for those trees makes them move gradually by about 3 centimeters per day, which makes them move for meters during one year.

“As the soil erodes, the tree grows new long roots to find new, more solid soil, sometimes up to 20 metres, and then slowly, as the roots settle into the new soil, the tree slowly also tends toward the new roots, the old roots slowly rising into the air,” Varasansky said. The whole process of moving a tree to a new location with better sunlight and more solid soil can take two years.”

The Spanish newspaper, “ABC”, said that a tree called the walking palm, known as the intes, can move up to 20 meters per year.

The biologist, Gerardo Avalos, confirmed that these trees produce new roots, which is what makes them walk for these metres, but the matter is that they move without a scientific reason, as it is a myth.

He pointed out that the legend of walking these trees was invented by the tour guides to add an atmosphere of excitement and surprise for them to go to this area and discover it.

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