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Nabt Narst. At least 200 Palestinians and six police officers were injured during the strikes in Jerusalem SVT

Jerusalem Medics said that at least 200 Palestinians and six Israeli policemen were injured in clashes that took place on Saturday night at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. In the Israeli capital, weeks later, unrest continued to escalate in the coming days.

The Israeli News Agency reported that Israel called for the situation in the European Union and Russia to calm down, while Turkey accused the Middle East of terrorism against innocent people. Police also ruled against the demonstration on Saturday.

The unrest in Jerusalem erupted after the opening of Ramadan in mid-April, when Israel designated the Palestinian gathering in a city where Arabs gather to pray. In recent days, I have been threatened with forcing some Palestinian families to leave their homes at the entrance to Jerusalem.

On Saturday evening, Israeli police released water in central Jerusalem, using an anti-Palestinian demonstration against forced evictions from the entrance to the city. According to Lka, two protesters needed oeten. The police reported one wound at their headquarters and arrested several people. Security forces confiscated ten buses on their way to Jerusalem. According to the passengers, they wanted to interrupt the prayer at the Aqs Mosque.


On Friday evening, a violent outbreak erupted when the Israeli police sent a deployment to the city during the prayer of the faithful. Idle, shoes and stoves were looking for the police, and the police fired rubber bullets with tear gas and lightning bolts.

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The Palestinian newspaper “June” reported that 88 people were taken to hospital with their wounds. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 83 people were injured by rubber bullets, two people were slapped in the eye, and two were injured in the head, and their protuberances were broken. The Israeli police stated that 17 people were injured, half of them in hospital

“We will respond forcefully to all violent riots, winds and gushing over our audience,” the police said in a statement on Saturday evening.

The Israeli security forces reinforced their forces in Jerusalem, where they expected problems after the noon prayers. On the last bird of Ramadan, there was a great deal of prayer in prayer, and this time there were about 70,000 things in the Shrimof shovel, where the Al-Aqsa Mosque stands.

Nessel and his incitement are unacceptable .. The European Union calls on the Israeli councils to immediately move and support Jerusalem, according to a statement by European diplomat Josep Borrell today. And its concern about the situation in the Israeli capital, the US State Department came out.

And Agence France-Presse quoted a Russian diplomat as saying that we are watching developments in Moscow with concern. It called on all parties to the conflict to take steps to calm the situation.

A spokesman for Turkish President Fakhreddin Altun said the influx of innocent prayers is clear terrorism. He added that such flows to the Palestinians contradict basic humanity first.

Sadisk Arby and the United Arab Emirates condemned the Palestinians to their homes, and the Jewish settlers are due to move into their homes. The case is now decided by the court.

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The SADC Foreign Ministry said that SADC ARB refused to fill Israel and provided for the eviction of Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem and efforts to impose Israeli sovereignty over them. The UAE, which normalized ties with Israel last year, has condemned even the forces in the capital.