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Náchod Hospital helps elderly people register for vaccination Health News Hradika Trained

Náchod Hospital helps elderly people register for vaccination Health News Hradika Trained

Seniors over the age of 80 can now use the new phone line to register for vaccination at Náchod Regional Hospital, thus avoiding some of the complicated online registrations. The minimum age for registering by phone for vaccination will be gradually lowered here.

“We turn to all the citizens in our area who know an elderly person over the age of eighty in their area, who has not yet registered for vaccination due to the difficulty of registering online. We have established a line 491601000, which these seniors can call on weekdays from 8:00 to At 13:00, our staff will arrange a specific appointment for vaccination at our vaccination center, ” Náchod Regional Hospital said.

Seniors can now order simply by phone and avoid scary registrations online, when they first log in and then wait for the PIN to be handled with an access code. “Pay attention to the elderly in your area, ask them if they have been vaccinated, help them find a way to get vaccinated, and give them our phone number.” Hospital representatives call.

“My 70-year-old mother registered to receive the vaccination. It was not difficult for me, but she did not know how to handle it at all, even though she is used to working with the Internet on a daily basis, she uses e-mail, Facebook and reads internet diaries. We waited for the PIN for exactly a month and one day, which surprised us and expected it to be faster. “ Describes his experience with enrollment in the vaccination center in Hradec Králové Jan Shibra.

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According to the prime minister André Babis (Yes) As of Wednesday, Czechs in the age group from 55 to 59 can also register for the vaccination. Today, it is proposed on the government’s health risk line.

Also, according to the health minister Petra Arenberga (For YES) covid-19 vaccination may accelerate, according to him, increased supplies will allow 100,000 doses per day in a few weeks. More than 70,000 people had registered by Friday noon, when registration was open for people between the ages of 60 and 64. About 650,000 people of this age live in the Czech Republic, and some of them have already been vaccinated because they belong to another preferred group, for example among health professionals, teachers, education personnel or critically ill chronic patients.