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Naguib Sawiris reveals what was hidden on Muhammad Ramadan’s birthday. Alcohol, clamor and nudity (witness)

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homeland- Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris participated in the birthday party of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, who had previously stated that he was one of his closest friends outside the artistic community.

“Safsaf and Jafar”

Naguib Sawiris published picture via “TwitterHe collected it with the Egyptian artist Hala Sidqi, and commented on it: “Me and Safsaf on Jaafar’s birthday.”

But what caught the attention of Naguib’s followers, who number more than 8 million, is the presence of alcoholic drinks, the atmosphere of clamor, and the nudity of some of the women who were present at the party.

Some of them also asked about the phrase that was written on Naguib’s T-shirt. From which only the word “outside” appeared, while the jacket over it obscured the rest of the phrase.

Hala Sedky and Naguib Sawiris

While others expressed their curiosity about the gift that Naguib Sawiris gave to Mohamed Ramadan on the occasion of his birthday.

Muhammad Ramadan birthday

Muhammad Ramadan renewed the public’s anger by continuing to display his wealth, even when he celebrated his 35th birthday.

And the artist, who calls himself “Number One”, published a video clip via “InstagramDuring which he documents the atmosphere of the hotel’s celebration of his birthday.

It shows the hotel workers presenting a cake to Muhammad Ramadan, which was decorated with dollars, golden soap, and a cigar. These are the things that pissed off many of him lately.

Ramadan commented on the video: “Thank you to the distinguished hotel for surprising my birthday.”

Dollar crisis

In a related context, the pictures that Ramadan published recently, from his private plane during his return from America, in which he reviewed the extravagant life he lives, caused a wide wave of controversy.

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And the matter reached a parliamentary move against him regarding the size of his real wealth. And whether or not he pays the taxes owed by him to the state.

The artist, who calls himself “Number One”, was sitting on a seat on the plane, and next to him on the other seat were bundles of dollars.

Muhammad Ramadan birthday
The image that caused a violent attack on Ramadan and later deleted it

After the controversy raged, Ramadan resorted to deleting the pictures that clearly show dollars. He was satisfied with one picture in which the dollars appear in an inconspicuous manner

Parliamentary question

A deputy in the Egyptian Parliament submitted a parliamentary question to the Minister of Finance and the head of the Tax Authority regarding the extent of the Egyptian artist’s commitment to paying the annual taxes due. Is the tax return identical to his real wages or not?

And the explanatory note to the request for briefing submitted by the deputy stated: “The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, recently appeared in a group of photos. Returning from America via his private plane, which is estimated at 6 million dollars, equivalent to 180 million Egyptian pounds. On the other hand, bundles of one-hundred-dollar bills appeared next to him, as if he was indifferent to them, estimated at approximately one million dollars, equivalent to 30 million Egyptian pounds. according toCairo 24.”

During the briefing request, it indicated that in June 2022, Mohamed Ramadan faced an accusation of tax evasion on the grounds that he submitted a tax return that included incorrect data on his profits and gains. He concealed his official income figures and recorded numbers that do not reflect his real income.

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