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Nahed El Sebaei reveals the scenes of the new "Mako" movie

Nahed El Sebaei reveals the scenes of the new “Mako” movie

Al-Sibai said in an interview with Sky News Arabia that the reason for the long filming was the large number of visual effects at work, stressing that the film was a new and different experience for all the work team, except for the Russian team that was working under water.

underwater photography

score Nahed El Sebaei She starred alongside Basma, Amr Wahba, Nicolas Moawad, Munther Rayhana, Khaled Anwar, Sarah Al Shami and other stars.

The Egyptian artist indicated that her role in the film was one of the most difficult roles she presented during her artistic career, explaining the reason for this that filming the film took approximately 70 percent of its scenes under water.

She described underwater acting as “difficult”, following up: “The temperature was zero degrees Celsius, and filming outside Egypt, and the role requires a great effort to reach the audience correctly.” The film revolves around the “Salem Express” ferry, which begins with 8 people going on a trip With the aim of diving in the depths of the Red Sea.

She explained that “Mako” is not the first precedent in the idea of ​​”shark”, as foreigners did it a lot, but the difference is that the work is inspired by a true story (Salem Express ferry), and the work in it is a drama, and this is different because the “shark” films are not It has drama.

Al-Sibai believes that the reliance of the movie “Mako” on the collective championship is “important to work” because a person from the audience enters to see an actor and another enters to watch another actor, considering that the collective championship is one of the reasons for the success of the work and achieving high revenues in cinemas.

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No intermediary with art

and about her mother; She confirmed that she was the one who encouraged her to enter the field of art, noting that she was guiding her to places to learn acting, adding: “Art is not a medium and does not depend on the family. right Now”.

And about comparing her to her grandfather, the late artist Farid Shawqi, she indicated, “People did not know at first that she was the granddaughter of Farid Shawqi, and so far there are people who do not know that I am his granddaughter, and this is a good feature.”

And she continued, “When people know that I am the granddaughter of Farid Shawqi after watching my work, then I feel proud, because I have passed the comparison stage, and there is no comparison between me and my grandfather,” stressing that she will not be able to be like him, because the timing and time are different, and her circumstances and the circumstances of her generation are not the generations of time. the old”.

And about giving an artist a specific title to be known by him; You think that it is better for the public to give these titles to the artist, and not from the artist’s own imagination; She pointed out that her grandfather had many nicknames, but it was the public who called him that.

social media

Al-Sibai loves agriculture, birds and animals, and loves to play sports of all kinds, and tries as much as possible to be on social media because it expresses a different part of her life, as she explained to Sky News Arabia.

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She stressed that when she is criticized on the social media, sometimes she ignores her, and sometimes she responds to her critics, and recounted the situation that one of the followers commented on a picture of her before, saying: “Remember yourself Jennifer Lopez .. live the life of your family (be yourself)”, to respond The Egyptian artist: “If I lived the life of my family, I would be better than Jennifer Lopez, because my family and my grandfather and my grandmother are better than anyone in the world.”