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Najla Abdel Aziz's dance with the Saudi flag provokes the discontent of activists, and followers explain its truth

Najla Abdel Aziz’s dance with the Saudi flag provokes the discontent of activists, and followers explain its truth

One of the accounts concerned with reporting celebrity news on INSTAGRAM circulated a short video that was said to monitor Saudi blogger and fashion designer Najla Abdel Aziz dancing with the Saudi flag, in celebration of the 91st Saudi National Day.

Naglaa Abdel Aziz

This caused an uproar among activists who attacked Najla Abdel Aziz through the comments feature attached to the visual post, despite the fact that the face of the woman who dances with the flag did not appear and they were not sure of her identity, based in their attack on the appearance of the sons of the famous blogger in the video clip.

Where some demanded the establishment of laws that forbid dancing with the Saudi flag for religious considerations, represented by the presence of a certificate of monotheism on it, while some confirmed the falseness of the publication and its inaccuracy, stressing that the woman who appears in the publication is a friend of the Saudi blogger.

The comments stated: “It is forbidden to have a son,” “This is the one who works with a son,” “The one who photographed her is a son,” “What is a son, why is it lying?” and “No son has a friend who has a problem with the witnesses knowing that it is not a son.” And “they are supposed to put down a special law for science.. especially since it bears the word of monotheism what happens to everyone who wears a scarf and sits dancing,” and “God’s name, over knowledge, and they dance in it.. God has made it beautiful for us.”

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Pictures of Naglaa Abdel Aziz without hijab

And last June, the pioneers of social networking platforms were surprised by the spread of a group of revealing photos of the star of the Snapchat application, in which she appeared with bold modern looks in terms of dress and without the veil.

The blogger was then subjected to a stinging attack by activists who attacked her as a result, accusing her of abandoning her modesty and following in the footsteps of her predecessors.

Which she denied in several publications, which she shared through the short stories feature attached to her official account on Snapchat, in which she confirmed that the photos were old and were sent to one of her friends through private, and she was not aware of how they were leaked on the social media.

Najla Abdel Aziz called on activists on social media not to circulate these photos and to show compassion for her and her mother’s condition, indicating that the latter is collapsed due to the fact that her photos were leaked without a veil.

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