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Najla Boden: Who is the prime minister-designate in Tunisia?

Najla Boden: Who is the prime minister-designate in Tunisia?

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Najla Bouden Ramadan is the first woman charged with forming a government in Tunisia and the Arab world

On Wednesday, Tunisian President Kais Saied commissioned Najla Bouden Ramadan to form the new government, making her the first woman to be entrusted with this task, not only in Tunisia but in the Arab world.

Boden’s new mission, in addition to the challenges posed by the difficult political phase the country is going through, puts her in the face of many complex files, foremost of which is corruption in addition to the economic and health crisis.

While some criticize what they say is Boden’s lack of experience necessary to deal with these sensitive files, especially the economic file, others point to the experience that she gained as a person in charge of implementing World Bank programs at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Tunisia, which may help her in managing the economic file.