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Najwa Karam meets Nancy Ajram and Melhem Zain on the plane after their participation in "Stars On Board"..with pictures

Najwa Karam meets Nancy Ajram and Melhem Zain on the plane after their participation in “Stars On Board”..with pictures

Najwa Karam caught the eye by meeting the artist Nancy Ajram and Melhem Zein behind the scenes of their participation in the “Stars on Board” concerts, and Najwa and Nancy published pictures of their meeting on the plane after their brilliance in the parties.

Najwa Karam and Nancy Ajram meet on the plane

The artist, Nancy Ajram, published a picture of her on Instagram, in which she appeared with the artist Najwa Karam in the plane seats, after their participation in the “Stars on Board” concerts, and the artist Melhem Zain and Nader Al Atat also appeared in the photo, in addition to the artistic producer Youssef Harb, and Nancy Ajram commented on the photo She said, “It was a wonderful experience.” Najwa Karam also posted the photo on her Instagram account and commented: “It was a journey that carried a message of joy..”

Najwa Karam and Nancy Ajram in the scenes of the “Stars on Board” concerts

The photo that brings together Nancy Ajram, Najwa Karam and Melhem Zain received a great reaction from the audience because of the meeting of the stars of Lebanon after their recent successful concerts, and Melhem Zain published the photo on his Instagram account, and commented on it, saying: “We have always brought together Youssef Harb.. the best company,” and the face of Youssef Harb. , Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Stars on Board”, a message commenting on the photo and said: “On the plane to Beirut from the Antalya Festival, it was wonderful.”

Najwa Karam and Nancy Ajram shine in their last concerts

The artist, Nancy Ajram, grabbed attention with her last concert tonight in “Stars on Board” or “Steam of the Stars”, and lit the party with her new songs and posted on her Instagram account several videos from the concert, and shots of her on stage, and presented at the ceremony a group of songs from her last album. Nancy 10”, while living in an artistic state, and recently performed several concerts in Cairo and is preparing to perform a new concert with Baha Sultan this month.

Najwa Karam also starred in her concert in “Stars on Board”, and released a video clip for her new summer song, “Sahar al-Quloub”. The second of the song “Magrooma”, which she presented in 1998, and the clip of the song “Magrouma 2” achieved great success on YouTube, and its views reached 5 and a half million in less than a month.

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