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Namira Nekhm congratulates Mauritius for reclaiming Chacos from British colonial rule

Namira Nekhm congratulates Mauritius for reclaiming Chacos from British colonial rule

Ambassador Namira Nekhm, Director of the African Migration Observatory Pravind Kumar Jagnath, the Prime Minister of Mauritius and the Permanent Representative of Mauritius to the United Nations in New York, Jagadish Konjul, congratulated the government on reaching an agreement. It still occupies the Indian Ocean and separates it from the Indian Ocean with the Chacos group of islands ceded to England by the Government of Mauritius and the United Kingdom. Her homeland is Mauritius.

The Ambassador said that this is the culmination of the efforts of the Government of Mauritius after more than half a century of political, diplomatic and legal conflict between the two countries and the proceedings of the world’s largest International Court of Law testify. International Court of Justice at The Hague.

Najm added that he was personally happy to finally reach the court’s decision to free Mauritius from British occupation, as he participated in the battle to liberate the Chacos Islands when he pleaded on behalf of the African Union to support the state of Mauritius. Its legal and political struggle against the United Kingdom, which ultimately resulted in the issuance of a legal opinion in favor of Mauritius, certainly played a decisive and pressing role in the context of political negotiations between the two countries, paving the way for the return of her country and her evicted residents and the handover of the islands to its mother country. Withdrawing its sovereignty over territory from its occupied territory, because it created a new reality that could not be denied or avoided in practice, or Britain ignored the content of this legal concept and challenged the will of the international community.

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He stressed that the significance of the International Court of Justice’s decision on the return of the Chacos Islands to its homeland is the establishment of a new rule of law in the jurisprudence of international law based on international norms, precedents and international legal rules. in any country under any charges, names or protections which it occupies from its mother country.

On the challenge he faced when he argued before the International Court of Justice in the Chacos case, the Ambassador stressed, the main challenge is that you are dealing with the influence of a coalition of superpowers and dependent countries. The number of international law lawyers in the world, to protect their interests, the continuation of colonialism and the acquisition of international law and as Ambassador Lanesi commented, it is these countries that create international law and use it for its purposes, then you play in the arena of its production, create its ideas about colonialism and its objectives. Use it to accomplish.

After years of opposition and legal defeats, the UK government has agreed to hold talks with Mauritius on the future handover of the Chacos Islands, the widely circulated British newspaper The Guardian reported in a report yesterday. In international courts.

He said the proposed deal would allow the return of former residents of the Chacos archipelago, who were forced to leave by the British government in the 1970s, and that the United Kingdom wanted to maintain control over its strategic military base in the Indian Ocean. Diego Garcia, which was leased to the United States.

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