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Nancy Alam El Din: I used my Upper Egyptian origins in acting

Nancy Alam El Din: I used my Upper Egyptian origins in acting

Actress Nancy Alam El Din said that she participated in successful and popular works, such as “Free Fall” and “Free Fall.”Seventh neighborAnd the third part of Girls’ Tales, in addition to the series “Newton’s Game” last year.

And about her role in the seriescloud island» Directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi, who was recently shown and her character met with great success, as she presented the character of Bannoura Al-Saeediya, the wife of the artist Riad Al-Khouli, in the events. I was able to overcome the fear, and I do not deny that I used my Upper Egyptian origins to represent the character and went to real places, and all this helped me to present the role in a way that won the admiration of the audience.”

And about the work itself, she said: “The series is a great opportunity for any actor, as it is signed by the great writer Abdel Rahim Kamal, who navigates the work in the Sufi worlds that characterize his writings, the director Hussein Al-Manbawi, and this constellation of stars in the work, especially the star Riad Al-Khouli (who plays the role of his wife in the events of the series). )”.

Regarding her field of study, she said: “I graduated from the theater department at the American University in Cairo, although I had intended to study media, but things changed after my participation in works on the university’s theater.”

And about the star, who was greatly affected by her, she says: “I think that Meryl Streep has a great influence, as she presented important roles that she chose carefully and diversified her performance from work to creative work.”

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Regarding the type of works she dreams of presenting, she said: “I hope to see singing and dancing films. I will be very happy if I participate in a film of this type.”
And about whether she is waiting to participate soon in a cinematic work, she said: “I read a number of works and I hope to participate in a work soon.”