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Narrow Austria. Counselor Kurtz is accused of perjury, the problem is his good government SVT

VDE / PRAHA At first glance, the acronym WKSta hadn’t been intimidated in recent weeks by concerns about senior Austrian politicians. It is a designation for the Office of the Prosecutor and Anti-Corruption, which for many years delicately flooded the relationship between the country’s top politicians and key figures in business from home.

A few days ago, she was also introduced to Sebastian Kurz, Austrian Chancellor of the People’s Party (VP). The reason is doubtful that the Prime Minister and the influence of his government, Bernard Bonnelly, made a false statement. This was supposed to take place last June, before the parliamentary commission of inquiry, which is investigating the circumstances of the Ibizagat case, led them two years before the fall of the first Curtis government.

At the time, it was a classified video recording from the Spanish island of Ibiza. Heinz Christian Strach, an old right-wing of the Free People, alluded to these as willing to engage in corruption, while at the same time arguing that rules for financing political parties are avoided in Austria. In 2017, they formed a naval government with the People’s Kurtz Party. After the public announcement, their alliance disintegrated, and the vice president won the subsequent early elections, who has since ruled with the Greens.

Sebastian Curtis.

In June 2020, Kurtz lawmakers wanted to know how his first government occupied a key position in managing jointly-owned companies of the state. This is mainly due to the newly created portfolio, which includes, among other things, stocks in the OMV Energy Groups, Verbund and Telekom Austria.

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It is now revealed that in this particular case, the counselor gave false testimony to the deputies. She became a fem bagu toti Kurzv dobr znm Thomas Schmid. From their correct connection through texts, it follows first that Schmid’s position with Kurtz’s consciousness was so detailed that only he had weight in the weight of all the specified criteria. Despite the fact that Schmid, as Secretary General of the then Finance Ministry, still held the position of women. The letter, which also included a number of emojis, showed how Schmid cheerfully thanked the office for what it had done for him in the case. Kurtz’s answer was: He’d get whatever he wanted anyway.

Te se kancl brn. Everything I said is true and I went there with the dark, answered according to the truth, it was said on Wednesday evening on Austrian TV. Thus he claimed that the committee members ’opposition to three hours of flair prompted him, and his statements were distorted to provoke a message that Curtis had given false testimony.

This is one reason that, from a justice point of view, the office is now listed as a suspect and not just a suspect. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office can now file a criminal complaint at any time. The session ruled out that he would resign after that.

The president had to present this case

In addition to Corzi, the popular finance minister, Gernot Bellemel, gave them a key figure in the event of holding managerial positions. A politician considered to be the Second World Government was a fan of Schmid in his early days.

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Even from these two policies, the investigator has hundreds of texts at his disposal. In one of them, the minister confirms his support by saying: You are a family. An investigation is underway with Palmlal from the hole. The police even searched a home and confiscated a sweat device and cell phone.

Towards Parliament, Minister Palml is betting on obstacles. And his ministry refused for a long time to issue the required documents. So members of Congress filed a complaint with state court. Last week, he decided that Federal President Alexander van der Bellen, in his capacity as supreme official, would provide the required materials, which he could theoretically send the police or army forces to the minister. Nothing like this has ever happened in Austria. However, Minister Belmel retreated at the last minute and issued the cartons with the required files.

From the point of view of the Austrian opposition, changes in cases are a typical example of Kamarkovna (Freunderlwirtschaft), while surprisingly there have been no calls from its representatives for Curtis to resign. This is also because the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office is investigating some important policies of the opposing parties.

Of particular note is the case of the Social Democrat Hans-Peter Duskuzil, former defense minister and today’s governor of the Burgenland state in Austria. He suffered, with his written ambitions of becoming a nationwide feminist party, accused of bankrupting a bank in his district.