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Scientists discover why the far side of the moon contains so many craters

NASA allocates new electric cars to transport astronauts to the moon rocket

NASA’s Artemis Moon mission astronauts will move to the massive Space Launch System rocket in a fleet of new electric crew transport vehicles, as NASA’s future transport vehicles have been developed by Canoo Technologies of Bentonville, Arkansas, based on their low-voltage electric versions.

And according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, when Artemis II astronauts leave their crew quarters at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on their lunar mission in 2024, they will ride the new vehicles, as designed to replace the iconic Astrovan, which was used during the era of Space Shuttle.

Artemis II is the second mission in the Artemis program and the first with a crew aboard the Orion capsule as it travels to the moon and back.

It is also currently planned to be launched by NASA’s 323-foot Super Space Launch System (SLS) in May 2024, after an uncrewed test launch this year.

The crew will embark on a journey on the moon’s surface before returning to Earth, and will be the first humans to travel outside low Earth orbit since Apollo 17 in 1972.

To mark the occasion, NASA has unveiled the final part of its launch preparation, the Crew Transport Vehicles, ahead of this summer’s first Artemis mission.

It would take a crew of four astronauts and their support time along the nine-mile stretch of the Neil Armstrong Operations Building and Exit Building to the launch pad, known as Pad 39B, at the Kennedy Space Center.