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NASA announces successful launch of cargo ship to the International Space Station

NASA announces successful launch of cargo ship to the International Space Station

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NASA announced the successful launch of another American cargo vehicle towards the International Space Station, with a payload of 3.7 tons, including equipment and materials for conducting scientific experiments, medical materials that will be tested for effects in zero-gravity conditions, modern equipment for generating oxygen for the station, and equipment for conducting plant growth tests. in the space.

According to Russia Today, the Antares missile was successfully launched with the American Cygnus cargo vehicle from a space airport in Virginia. The missile launched the missile into space at 12:40 EST (20:40 Moscow time).

The spacecraft is scheduled to arrive at the station and dock with it on Monday, February 21, to be supervised by NASA astronauts, Raja Shari and Kayla Brown. Lim sent towards Earth to burn in its atmosphere.

Before this time, the United States launched a Cygnus vehicle towards the space station last August, and that vehicle separated from the station on November 20, and sent several Dragon cargo vehicles developed by SpaceX.

Russian cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Butor Dubrov, NASA astronauts Mark Vande Hay, Raja Shari, Tom Marshburne and Kayla Brown and European astronaut Matthias Maurer are currently on board the International Space Station.

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