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NASA announces the names of the members of its training program, with the participation of Al-Matrooshi and Al-Malagh

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Today, NASA announced the names of the astronauts nominated for the 2021 training program, from the Ellington Field site near Johnson Space Center in Houston. For astronauts, the candidates within the framework of the training program will join NASA’s Johnson Space Center next January, to begin their training program on spacecraft mechanisms, spacewalk simulation exercises and long stays in outer space, as well as teamwork and other activities. Skills necessary for the programme.

After graduating from the training program, which will take about two years, the astronaut candidates will have the opportunity to participate in future missions to the International Space Station, which will be launched from US soil on spacecraft built by commercial companies, and to participate in space exploration missions. Deep aboard NASA’s Orion spacecraft and space rocket launch system.

Al Matrooshi and Al Mulla underwent many of their trainings inside the country, and got acquainted with the various departments of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and the nature of work in it, including satellite operations and how to analyze satellite images, and other information related to the space sector, while the exercises also relied on the part of physical fitness, During which they must be in full athletic readiness, so that they are ready for all their upcoming missions.