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NASA announces two missions to Venus

NASA announces two missions to Venus

The goal of the new projects is to understand how Venus became a “hell-like world,” as NASA wrote, even though this cosmic body is similar to Earth in different ways. The Space Authority states that Venus may once have been the first habitable planet in the Solar System, with an Earth-like ocean and climate.

“It’s amazing how little we know about Venus, but the results of these missions add up to telling the planet’s story from clouds in its sky, volcanoes on its surface to its bottom and core,” said NASA scientist Tom Wagner. of upcoming missions.

“It will be as if we have rediscovered the planet,” he added.

Da Vinci + A Veritas

One project was named DAVINCI+. From him, Americans promise to learn about the composition of the atmosphere and insight into the changes that have occurred, according to the Axios news site.

According to Reuters, the second mission, called VERITAS, will attempt to map the planet’s surface and find out if tectonic plates are moving and that volcanic activity is on Venus.

At the same time, DAVINCI+ is set to take high-resolution images of geological formations – comparable to Earth’s continents – on the planet.

The budgets for both initiatives are around $500 million (more than $10 billion).

said Bill Nelson, President of NASA, who replaced his predecessor Jim Bridenstine at the helm of the space agency this year.

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