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NASA astronauts prepare first “space taco” from space-grown peppers

NASA astronauts picked the first chili peppers to be grown aboard the International Space Station, in what has been described as one of the most challenging experiments for the space programme.

The British newspaper, “Mirror”, reported the news, after the space crew attended the first “taco” sandwiches, using hot red and green hot, whose seeds were taken from an improved plant from an area of ​​the American city of New Mexico.

For its part, the US Space Agency said in a statement on Friday that the space crew had been evaluating the flavor, texture and quality of the first peppers grown in space, after caring for the plant since last July, as part of NASA’s investigation of plant habitats.

The agency has also previously pointed out that growing peppers, in particular, in space is very difficult when compared to other crops, due to the time they use more to grow.

It is worth noting that the International Space Agency announced the latest event through its Twitter account, to herald “one of the happy days of picking hot peppers on board the space station.” Footage of tacos made with pepper to prepare what has been dubbed a “Friday feast” was also broadcast.


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