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NASA commends the Space Science Authority for organizing the Space Applications Challenge

Manama, Apr. 06 (BNA): The NASA space agency praised the outstanding role and unprecedented work of the National Space Science Authority in organizing the “Space Applications Challenge 2022” competition, which contributed to the Kingdom of Bahrain obtaining the “highest percentage in the world” of Where the increase in the number of participants amounted to 273.2%.

NASA also praised the authority for being “the first in the world in the speed of response to fulfilling the requirements of” NASA “in comparison with more than 300 regulatory centers that included a number of bodies and space agencies participating in the competition.

Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Asiri, CEO of the National Space Science Authority, said: “NASA’s commendation comes after the great effort made by the agency’s employees in preparing and organizing the competition, as the agency was keen to highlight the name of the Kingdom of Bahrain in this international competition and enable its members to gain more Of the knowledge and skills that serve them in their fields of work, especially since the authority has come a long way in raising awareness of the importance of space and its sciences at the national level, and that these efforts are continuing and increasing at a pace year after year.

He stressed that the Space Applications Challenge competition is a good opportunity to employ basic, technical and engineering sciences and refine the skills of the twenty-first century among the participants, in addition to opening the way for international cooperation opportunities between the participating teams to solve real problems facing the space sector, as the hackathon is held in cooperation with 11 space agencies from different parts of the world. The world, and the Kingdom of Bahrain represented by the National Authority for Space Sciences is considered the sole representative of the Arabs.

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It is worth noting that the “Space Applications” challenge competition was organized in the Kingdom of Bahrain for the year 2022, in cooperation with “Bahrain Polytechnic” as an academic partner, and the Bahrain Society of Engineers as a professional partner. A site around the world, which is the largest participation in the history of the hackathon since its inception in 2012.

The “Space Applications 2023” challenge competition will be held on the seventh and eighth of next October, and the authority called on all students and those interested to prepare for participation, and the date for opening registration will be announced in the coming weeks.