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NASA detects “something unexpected” on the surface of Mars

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A NASA rover has spotted what appears to be a piece of trash sandwiched between two boulders on Mars.

The object was found by chance when NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft was searching for signs of life on the Red Planet.

“The team found something unexpected,” NASA said in a tweet, adding that it was a “thermal blanket” believed to have been part of the equipment debris that contributed to the spacecraft’s safe landing on Mars last year.

The agency questioned the reason for the arrival of this piece to a place about two kilometers from the place of the crash of the landing gear, likely to be the reason for this as a result of the wind.

During their journey to Mars, spacecraft are exposed to extreme temperatures and gravitational forces, which cause them to penetrate the atmosphere at speeds of up to 20,000 kilometers per hour.

The equipment helps reduce the impact of this on the spacecraft as it detaches from it before landing and suffers severe damage.

NASA intends to continue operating the Perseverance spacecraft until January 2023, as it continuously sends images and searches for samples for study.

The rover, “Perseverence”, is designed to discover traces of ancient microorganisms that were probably teeming with Mars three billion years ago.

Perseverance landed on the surface of Mars in February 2021, after a seven-month space flight, in a stunning success that launches a mission that will last several years in search of evidence of possible past life on the Red Planet.

The massive craft landed in Jezero Crater, which scientists believe contained a lake 3.5 billion years ago and is considered the most dangerous landing site ever due to its topography.

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