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NASA displays stunning, unprecedented images of the universe from the new Webb Telescope |  Sciences

NASA displays stunning, unprecedented images of the universe from the new Webb Telescope | Sciences

The publication of color images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope allows the world to see the horizons of the universe that it has not seen before, and to learn about the advanced capabilities of the tools and equipment of the most powerful telescope ever created by humans.

Next Tuesday, July 12, at 5:40 pm Mecca time, the NASA space agencies, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency will begin a live broadcast on their websites, and on communication sites, the first color images of high definition and accuracy that were taken by the James Webb Space Telescope after 6 months from its release for all the inhabitants of the earth to see, and it has been added Photo broadcast countdown clock On the telescope page of the NASA website.

biggest telescope

The James Webb Telescope, which is 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, is the largest, most complex, and costly telescope launched by humans in space, with a manufacturing bill of 10 billion dollars, the fruit of joint cooperation between NASA, European and Canadian agencies.

This live broadcast comes 6 months after the launch of the telescope last December, crowning the efforts of thousands of engineers, hundreds of scientists, 300 universities, institutions and companies from 29 US states and 14 countries around the world. The James Webb Observatory is expected to lead the world into a new era of exploration. satellite.

Official operation of the telescope will begin on July 12 (NASA)

The three agencies plan to broadcast the images one by one, with the goal of starting the actual operations of the largest and most powerful telescope ever made by man. The images will not be available to anyone before the live broadcast, and for the world to enjoy alone and before watching the high-resolution images of the stars and galaxies of the universe.

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The live broadcast of the images will be broadcast via NASA TV And theLive broadcast page On the NASA website and application for each of the devices Android ahbutIn addition to NASA’s social media pages: Facebook And theTwitter And theThe YouTube And theTwitch And theDailymotion.

The day after the first images are broadcast, that is, Wednesday, July 13, NASA experts will answer the audience’s questions about the first images in a live broadcast of the program. NASA Science Live as well as on The YouTube And theFacebook And theTwitter.

Eric Smith, a scientist in the James Webb Telescope Program at NASA Headquarters, says, “The broadcast of these experimental images in full color indicates the end of the telescope’s preparatory phase and the beginning of its readiness to carry out scientific missions. These images will provide a unique moment for humanity to see the horizons of the universe as it has never been seen before. It will also culminate in long decades of perseverance, innovation and dreams, which is not the end, but the beginning of a wonderful journey of exploration of the universe.

An artist's concept of the fully and unfolded James Webb Space Telescope, which is currently on its way to a spot called L2, where it will orbit the sun.  It is now 600,000 miles from Earth.Credit...Adriana Manrique Gutierrez/NASA
The first images showcase the telescope’s highly advanced instruments and provide indications of expected scientific achievements (NASA)

First picture details

NASA did not reveal the subject or details of the first color images that will be broadcast, but said that the selection of these images was a project that a team of researchers had been working on for more than 5 years. According to another astronomer at the James Webb Telescope Project, Klaus Pontopedan, NASA’s goals from the first images are to review the telescope’s highly advanced instruments, and provide indicators or models for the scientific achievements expected of it. He said that there is no doubt that NASA will present dazzling images that will capture the minds and hearts of astronomers themselves before the general public.

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Although there are expected images that everyone hopes to see, says Joseph de Pascal, the developer of scientific optical materials at the Space Telescope Science Institute responsible for operating the “Hubble” and “James Webb” telescopes, in light of the unique moment of launching a new telescope equipped with a superior ability to monitor flashes Infrared galaxies with ultra-high resolution, NASA will surely present unexpected surprises.

It is worth noting that NASA had published last March some images taken by the James Webb Telescope of some targets in the universe to show the superior capabilities of the cameras of the advanced telescope compared to the images of the same targets from the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes.

A combination of images shows part of the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small satellite galaxy of the Milky Way, seen by the retired Spitzer Space Telescope (L), and the new James Webb Space Telescope, May 9, 2022. (NASA)
One of the star clusters to highlight the advanced capabilities of the Webb Telescope (right) compared to the Spitzer Telescope (NASA)

After the publication of the first images on July 12, the James Webb Telescope will enter the official operation phase, and will move to conducting astronomical observations within its primary goal, which is to look at the oldest possible point in the history of the universe.