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NASA images from space show Ukraine in complete darkness

NASA images from space show Ukraine in complete darkness

The US space agency “NASA” published a satellite image of the Earth’s surface taken at night, showing all of Ukraine, which was plunged into complete darkness.

A picture taken on the 24th of this month, according to Russia Today, shows that Ukraine is shrouded in complete darkness, surrounded by bright spots from cities in its neighboring countries, including Russia.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy, the Russian bombing led to a temporary disconnection of electric power from all nuclear plants and most of the hydroelectric and thermoelectric plants, while most consumers in the country remained without electricity. However, it later announced the restoration of electrical power supplies to critical infrastructure facilities.

And Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that more than six million homes in Ukraine were affected by power outages yesterday, two days after the heavy Russian strikes, according to what was reported by “AFP”. In his daily speech, Zelensky said yesterday evening that more than 6 million families are not It has electricity, adding that power outages continue in the capital Kyiv and in most regions.

Millions of Ukrainians spent the day without heating or electricity, after Russian air strikes were described as the most destructive of the attacks on the power grid so far, amid calls for the population to prepare for more attacks and to stock up on water, food and heavy clothing.

Earlier, the state electricity company said that its crews are working to restore power to the areas affected by the recent Russian bombing, including Kyiv, where about half of its population is still without electricity, noting that almost a third of the power supply has stopped.

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